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Volvo Trucks’ TTS benefits Chinese consumers

BEIJING – On the 11th China Logistics Annual Conference of 2013, held by CFLP (China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing), as a sponsor Volvo Trucks gave a speech of “TPOL (Total Performance over Lifecycle) and Fleet Management Services.” On this logistics pageant, Volvo Trucks won “The Most Responsible Corporation Award” for its huge contribution to energy saving and environmental care, according to a company press release.

Being one of the leaders of global truck manufacturers, Volvo Trucks is the first to develop TTS (Total Transportation Solution) in the China market since 2002. Although having successfully helped European logistics corporations for heads of times by applying TTS, Volvo Trucks develops and tailors TTS to suit Chinese situations and clients, thus it achieved numerous successful cases for Chinese logistics corporations in the past 10 years.

TTS render services for the most of Chinese market segments include drop and pull transport, dangerous goods transportation, high value-added goods transport, heavy-cargo transportation and special vehicle chassis supply. This whole process engages tailor-made TTS to be one of the biggest advantages of Volvo Trucks.

“We have to consider the logistics solutions before talking about vehicles purchasing,” said Li Faxiang, vice general manager of Hanas. Li gave the reason why Hanas cooperated with Volvo Trucks. It is understood that, during the preparation process of Hanas’ logistics system, Volvo Trucks established a panel of experts to provide Hanas with tailored “total transportation solutions” ranging from the logistics company’s structure, freight road survey, recruitment, training and assessment system for fleet managers and drivers to the construction and optimization of operation system and information system and so forth, which win the favor.

As one of the first imported truck brands presenting in the China market in 1934, Volvo Trucks built its representative office in 1992, and through over 20 years development, it has achieved splendid praise. TTS is a gift from Volvo Trucks to the Chinese logistics corporation, and it definitely would bring profit and benefit and help more and more companies to adapt with the competitive market. 


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