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Volvo Trucks announces kick-off of Volvo Trucks China Dream Program

BEIJING – At the beginning of 2014, Volvo Trucks announces the “Volvo Trucks China Dream Program,” while it embraces its 80th anniversary in China. This program is based on the Volvo Trucks Public Driver Training held since 2012, aiming at providing the general group of truck drivers with a platform of improving their safety and fuel saving driving skills, and to lead a professional path for them to develop their career, according to a company press release.

Volvo Trucks put the truck drivers into the spotlight by running its Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Competition in China since 2009, which is widely recognized and well perceived among drivers and Volvo trucks owners. Moreover, the Volvo Trucks Public Driver Training has provided free courses to over 4,000 public drivers since 2012.

Eric Labat, president of Volvo Trucks China, introduced Volvo Trucks China Dream Program: “Nowadays, the standard of driver recruitment is stricter. The logistics companies will consider many factors including age, education, personality and driving skills. The experiences in driving imported trucks with the skills of driving efficiently and safely will be extremely crucial to the drivers for their career development. We hope our campaign can help the driver who wants to drive imported trucks to achieve their goal in their career as early as possible.”

Volvo Trucks has built up the mature and comprehensive aftersales service network and spare parts supply system, and become the first choice of the fleet for logistics companies, like Deppon, Jiaji and many other famous logistics companies, said the report.

Last year sales of Volvo trucks increased 50 percent compared with 2012 in the imported heavy-duty on-road transportation segment, which further enhanced the strategic position of Volvo Trucks in the China market.

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