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Volvo Trucks concludes fuelwatch competition, celebrates 10-year anniversary of Beijing Walker

BEIJING – After more than five-month intense competition, the 2013 Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Competition China Final concluded on September 2. Twenty-one drivers winning in the semi-finals have gathered in Beijing and competed for the China Final champion during August 31 to September 1. Finally, Jiao Yipin from Defa Logistics was crowned with the best result in fuel consumption of 22.39L/100 km. He will represent China to compete in the Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Competition APAC Final in Australia, according to a company press release.

Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Competition is an important event held worldwide. The purpose is to improve the fuel-saving driving skills of drivers when operating a truck or a fleet of trucks. Volvo Trucks held the semi-finals in six cities in China this year including Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanning, Urumqi and Beijing. More than 300 drivers participated in the competition. Nearly 2,000 drivers attended 32 Fuelwatch public training courses held in 21 cities.

“Volvo Trucks is the world’s leading supplier of commercial transport solutions. ‘Quality,’ ‘Safety,’ and ‘Environmental Care’ are our core values. To offer more value-added service and valuable resources are Volvo Trucks’ consistent commitment to our customers and the Chinese industry,” said Eric Labat, President of Volvo Trucks China.

In modern transportation, safety, efficiency, equipment availability, fuel economy and environmental protection are core competitiveness which need the high quality vehicles and the comprehensive aftersales service to support. At present, Volvo Trucks owns a very comprehensive service network in China, with nearly 50 service points, a 24/7 Calling Center, a “Customer Care Center” and a warehouse located in Shanghai to ensure prompt and efficient supply of operating parts. Moreover, Volvo Trucks offers a wide range of value-added services beyond truck maintenance to Chinese customers, such as free truck delivery service, truck drivers training sessions, customized truck maintenance program, etc. Volvo Trucks is committed to continuously satisfying the needs of Chinese logistics companies with professional and perfect aftersales services. In addition, Volvo Trucks’ accessories warehouse, located in Shanghai, has kept more than 15,000 original accessories in stock, guaranteeing customers’ consistent and efficient operations. 

Facing the roaring oil price, Volvo Trucks not only provides high quality products and service but pay more attention to help company maximize their profits from the whole operation life cycle of vehicles as well. Volvo Trucks will partner with more logistics enterprises, and explore an effective and scientific, economic and reliable future for China modern logistics industry. 

Volvo Trucks’ Beijing Walker celebrates 10-year anniversary

As Volvo Trucks’ first authorized 4S store in the mainland of China, together with Volvo Trucks, Beijing Walker Trading Co., Ltd. (Beijing Walker) celebrated its 10-year anniversary on September 2, toasting to the decade’s cooperation which leads to an outstanding example for other dealers.

During the celebration, Labat delivered his best wishes to Beijing Walker. “It’s Volvo Trucks’ goal to be our customers’ best business partner, to provide them with best products, best services, as well as total transport solution, to accelerate and optimize business operations, and increase profitability. I believe that Beijing Walker has done and will go on to do excellent job to deliver the commitment.”

Beijing Walker was established in October 2003. It is Volvo Trucks’ first authorized 4S dealer in China, serving for Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Shandong. Located on the Southeast 5th Ring Road, Beijing Walker covers a floor space of over 15,000 square meters. In addition to the repair workshops which can accommodate eight trucks, it also contains special tools workshops and double-deck spare part center stocking thousands of accessories. Volvo Trucks Beijing Training Center is Volvo Trucks’ only training institute in China. Most of the training sessions for customers, dealers and staff take place in the Beijing Training Center. Take 2013 for example, it will have trained more than 300 mechanics and engineers through over 9,000 hours by the end of this year. Beijing Walker is applied with the LDS system and LAP system, which are Volvo Trucks’ standard spare parts supplement and maintenance management systems. The systems enable the workflow, maintenance, management and spare parts supply efficiency that can be consistent with Volvo Trucks’ standards worldwide.

Beijing Walker has a highly qualified service team, many of whom are with more than 10 years’ experience in this field. All mechanics have taken the global standard training, and are supported by service specialists from Volvo Trucks. Besides, Beijing Walker aftersales maintenance team has made great results in the VISTA campaign in consecutive years. For supporting customers, Beijing Walker has launched a computer diagnostic service-VCADS-PRO based on Volvo Trucks’ platform with a 24-hour hotline. Beijing Walker has been delivering comprehensive, reliable and swift support to the customers, and also taking part in many important projects. For example, Beijing Walker has served dozens of Volvo trucks as TV OB vehicles during Beijing Olympic Games and as construction vehicles in the Nest’s site respectively. 


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