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Wang Xiaoqiu succeeds Ye Yongming as Shanghai-GM’s new president

SHANGHAI – Wang Xiaoqiu, 49, former president of Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., was appointed new president of Shanghai-GM Automobile Co., Ltd., succeeding Ye Yongming, effective on August 13, according to a company news release.

Wang started his career in automotive industry in 1988. Among his earlier positions were vice president of SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Co.; general manager of Shanghai Auto Manufacturing Co.; vice president of Shanghai Motor Co. Ltd.; vice president of Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Shanghai Nonferrous Components Co., Ltd.; deputy director of Shanghai Auto Industry Technical Center; and deputy director of Shanghai Auto Industry Quality Supervision Center. Wang was a member of the team taking charge of the R&D of SAIC’s independent passenger vehicles. He most recently served as president of Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. from November 2009.

Ye, 49, left Shanghai-GM and took the post as CEO of Bailian Group, announce by Shanghai municipal government on August 5. Bailian Group is a state-owned commercial and trading circulation industry group.

Ye became vice president of SAIC and president of Shanghai-GM in February 2011. During his term, Ye reorganized the company’s marketing system and implemented dual-brand strategy: GM & Skoda. Besides, he helped to bring a tripartite investment among SAIC, General Motors and Shanghai GM, which found Shanghai OnStar Telematics Service Co., Ltd. providing vehicle information service. Under Ye’s leadership, Shanghai-GM held the first place in passenger vehicle sales in China for the past two years.

Ye joined SAIC in 1996 and occupied many positions among different departments. He was the vice manager of Planning Department and vice president of SAIC, general manager and Party secretary of Shanghai Automotive Industry Sales Corp., executive manager of Shanghai-Volkswagen, vice president and general manager of SAIC Services Trade Division, vice president of Shanghai Automotive, etc.

In 2012, Shanghai-GM sold 1,331,022 vehicles in China and exported 61,636 vehicles to other emerging markets. According to CBU-Autostats, the joint venture sold 728,028 vehicles in the first half of this year, a rise of 16.23 percent compared with the same period of the previous year.

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