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Xi’an builds first 100 charging units

 Xi’an has completed its first set of 100 NEV charging units, according to a Huashang News report. 

The units were installed on the walls of an underground parking structure beneath an IT office complex. All have been added to pre-existing parking spaces, and most are 220V units, taking an average of four hours to charge a vehicle. At the moment, charging service is provided for free.

Huashang News approached a worker using a unit to charge his vehicle. According to him, he charges at the office because he does not have a unit at home. Leaving his car to charge while he works is enough to ready the vehicle for his 50 km commute. 

According to the report, Xi’an plans to build four EV-tailored parking garages (totalling 1,600 charging units), 42 ground-level stations (totalling 2,100 units), as well as 7,000 units at bus stations, public lots and airports, NEV dealerships and other locations. The city plans to complete these by the end of 2015. 

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