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Yang Bo: Navistar resolves to adapt to China market

“China has become the largest and most important heavy-duty market in the world, so Navistar must enter and adapt to it,” said Yang Bo, general manager of Navistar China.

“Our products must be adapted to the Chinese market,” said Yang. “We cannot directly bring the products sold in other markets to China. That’s an important experience we have learned from our joint venture with India’s Mahindra.”

Whether Navistar would bring long-nose trucks to the Chinese market will also depend on market demand, according to Yang. “Long-nose trucks have many advantages in terms of safety, drive quality and handling, and noise,” said Yang. “However, it is too early to make detailed production announcements now.”

Yang made a speech titled with “Commercial Vehicle Integration through Global Products and Partnerships” during the Panel on “Sustainable Growth and Challenges.”

As a U.S.-based heavy-duty truck and bus manufacturer, Navistar did not have localization operation in China until it signed engine and heavy-duty joint venture agreements with China’s JAC this past September. “Our cooperation with JAC is complementary to each other,” said Yang. “JAC owns advanced light-duty truck and growing medium and heavy-duty business, while Navistar has strong ability in heavy-duty product R&D. JAC has a full-range of vehicle lineup, while Navistar can develop and manufacture all kinds of engines. In addition, the two companies have similar corporate culture and we have established mutual trust.”

Navistar has also invested greatly into green technologies, such as clean diesel, hybrid truck and even electric vehicle technologies, according to Yang.

“China can learn from the U.S. in making industry laws and regulations,” said Yang. “China’s GDP is now just behind the U.S. China is also a country with a vast territory and has similar highway networks as those in the U.S.”

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