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Youxia Motors unveils Youxia X electric car

BEIJING – Chinese company Youxia Motors released its first electric car the Youxia X on July 26, which is expected to accept customer orders in 2016.

The Youxia X will likely be priced at ¥200,000-¥300,000 ($32,258-$48,387), competing with the Tesla Model 3, as speculated by some media reports. The electric car will go into mass production and hit the market in 2017 officially. The company plans to sell the car online.

With a range of 460 km, the car, which is equipped with a Panasonic 18650 high-performance ternary lithium battery, has a maximum power of 270 kW and a peak torque of 440 Nm.

With a KITT OS UI based on Android 5.1, the car also features a vehicle data recorder, ADAS and MobileEye driver assistance system used on Tesla and BMW cars to ensure driving safety.

The company will release engineering details of the car and suppliers at the end of 2016.

“Youxia will apply for vehicle manufacturing qualification actively,” said Huang Xiuyuan, founder and CEO of Youxia Motors. “We plan to produce the car in collaboration with other OEMs, but building our own plants is also possible. We will test the car in June 2016.”

Huang said that the company has no plan of building charging facilities now. “We believe that battery swap model is not practicable in China, and electric vehicles should be charged at home or super charging stations,” Huang added.

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