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Yuchai aims to sell 270,000 engines in H1

YULIN, Guangxi – Yuchai Group, China’s leading engine manufacturer, realized 6.2 percent of increase in the first four months of the year, reported

Lately, the Group held a meeting discussing about the company performance in the first four months of the year and set goals for the rest of the first half of the year. The company determined to sell 270,000 engines in the first half of the year, Yuchai has witnessed sales increase in many areas such as truck engine, bus engine and other fields.

China is going to adopt the State IV emission standards on July 1, 2013 and Yuchai is well prepared in the R&D of new standards compliant products. The new standards will pose challenges as well as opportunities for Yuchai, said the company.

Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group, believed the Chinese auto industry will see major changes this year, which requires Yuchai to make changes accordingly. In the coming two or three years, Yuchai will invest more in R&D, so as to meet the challenges, said the chairman.

The 2013 China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks and Components was held in Beijing from May 22 to 24. At the show, Yuchai Power brought YC6MK and YC6L State IV bus engines, YC6MKN and YC6LN NG engines, YC6J school bus engine and one hybrid engine, as well as a 3.8L YC4S engine for high-end business buses, reported China Yuchai also received awards for the Best Bus Part Supplier at the show event. 

Vice President Huang Yi of Yuchai attended the show and answered questions about the challenges and chances for the upgrading of State IV emission standards. According to Huang, this raises higher requirement for engine makers in terms of product planning, technology development, production and purchase, as well as aftersales services.

Yuchai released seven NG engines adhering State V emission standards and five diesel engines for State IV emission standards on December 27 last year.





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