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Yuchai ranks No. 9 among top 100 machinery makers



YULIN, Guangxi – Authorities of machinery industry of China unveiled the top 100 machinery makers in China of 2012 as well as the top 30 automakers of the year recently, according to media reports.

Yuchai Group ended ranking No. 9 of the top 100 machinery makers and the No. 1 in Guangxi.

The authority said that amid the slowing-down economy, 63 companies out of the top 100 have seen revenue increased in the past year, 30 even seen double-digit increase with 60 percent as the best growth rate. In general, the industry is still on the rise, said the authorities.

Facing numerous challenges and difficulties, Yuchai managed to come up with solutions and constantly made changes to better suit the markets. The company achieved a total sales revenue of ¥41.57 billion ($6.71 billion) in 2012, ranking No. 1 of the industry. Besides, it made breakthroughs in diesel engines as well as large horse power engines.

The ranking has been published for nine consecutive years with significant meaning by showing developments of the industry.




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