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Zonda’s Ma Xian: “Ten Cities Thousand Vehicles” program has flaws

SHANGHAI – China’s “Ten Cities Thousand Vehicles” program for the demonstration operation of new energy vehicles is flawed, says Ma Xian, president of Zonda Automotive Group, one of China’s largest private manufacturers and exporters of large buses.

“Many cities are eager to become part of this program, and many cities have already been a part of the program,” said Ma. “But until this day, all we have heard is good news about the number of new energy vehicles being put into trial operation. What about problems and issues that have surfaced? There has not been a trustworthy third-party organization supervising these trial operations.”

The “Ten Cities Thousand Vehicles” program, which began in early 2009 and runs for four years until 2012 in 25 major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, as well as other key provincial capitals, is expected to expand to cover a total of 30 cities.

Ma suggests that rather than just pursuing a single program, China needs to form an integrated alliance involving the government, manufacturers, academia, R&D institutions and end users, so that experiences from each stakeholder about the development and use of new energy vehicles, both positive and negative perceptions, can be readily shared and analyzed.


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