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Zonda’s pure electric bus completes a 500-kilometer demonstration trip

On July 16 Zonda’s newly developed pure electric bus YCK6118HEC successfully completed its first trip of demonstration for around 500 kilometers in the capital, during the time of the “2009 Beijing International Exhibition of New Energy Vehicles,” according to a company news release.  

Starting from Beijing along the Beijing-Shenyang express, the Qingshan demonstrating electric bus ran directly to Tangshan, a well-known town in northeastern Hebei Province, and then back to the capital city. The whole journey took 7 hours and 30 minutes covering about 500 kilometers without a battery recharge.  

The successful trial operation of the Qingshan pure electric bus served as a comprehensive examination on its various technical standards. It has not only removed from domestic and foreign experts all the doubts that a charge of the pure electric bus could keep driving over as long as 500 kilometers, but also showed Zonda’s advanced technology in the making of new energy vehicles in China.   

“Perhaps, we witnessed a Guinness World Record today that Zonda’s pure electric bus has succeeded in breaking through the technological bottleneck in manufacturing China’s electric vehicles,” said Zhou Ming, editor-in-chief of China Communications News at a press conference held in the wake of the demonstration. 

Currently, with more than 30 enterprises producing electric vehicles, China has made swift progress in developing and manufacturing pure electric buses. However, the hardest technical challenge lies in the battery system to make reasonable extension of the driving mileage. Nowadays most of the pure electric buses available at home and abroad could run between 180 and 200 kilometer on average, according to Xu Liankuan, president of the Zonda Group. 

As introduced, Zonda’s Qingshan pure electric bus has received national patents in three major core technologies: battery, motor and controller, with independent intellectual property rights for all these technical parameters. By using innovative vanadium phosphate lithium batteries, the bus battery system could easily meet the requirements for driving power, and become safer than lithium-ion batteries. The key breakthrough has been achieved for running 500 kilometers or more at one full charge. 

Zonda’s new electric bus could be charged and discharged over 1,000 times with an operation mileage of 500,000 kilometers before the lifespan is due. With energy consumption of less than 4 kW.h per 100 km, The Qingshan electric bus has a maximum speed of over 110 km/h and a maximum grade climbing ability of over 20 degrees. Facts and data have all confirmed that Zonda’s technical standards for pure electric buses are presently superior to those of national standards, or have reached advanced international level in the field of new energy buses, according to the company news release. 


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