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Auman EST super truck launched in Shanghai

SHANGHAI – Foton-Daimler’s Auman EST super truck was launched to the market here on April 12.

At the launch ceremony, Foton-Daimler released the official retail prices of the Auman EST A and Auman EST super trucks. The Auman EST A has four versions with retail prices ranging from ¥355,800 ($51,715) to ¥527,800, while the Auman EST has three versions and their prices are between ¥305,800 and ¥401,800.

“The launch of the Auman EST truck demonstrates the start of the era of high-end logistics trucks as the high-end EST super truck developed by Foton-Daimler for four years under European standards is tailor-made for those customers in high-end logistics industry who need highly-efficient, long-distance logistics trucks for their businesses involving express delivery, cold chain and transportation of hazardous chemical substance and high value-added manufactured goods for daily use,” said Zhou Liang, president of Foton-Daimler.

The Auman EST super truck applies state-of-the-art technologies from Daimler, Cummins, ZF and some other multinational enterprises. With these advanced technologies such as Cummins’ X12 super intelligent engine technology and ZF’s latest TraXon transmission technology, the Auman EST super truck features high intelligence, high fuel conservation, high safety and high efficiency. Also, the Auman EST super truck is able to achieve an ultra-long maintenance period of 100,000 km for the engine and oil change period of 200,000 km for the transmission, and its vehicle B10 lifespan is 1.5 million km.

Foton-Daimler delivered 1,000 Auman EST super trucks in Beijing in March, and this time in Shanghai, the joint venture truck maker offered more bonuses to promote sales of the super truck including ¥6,000 subsidy for trade-ins and free maintenance service for the engine within 1 million km. Orders on site and online in three hours during the launch ceremony reached more than 1,300 units.

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