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Baidu and BAIC to launch intelligent vehicles and road test L3 autonomous driving by yearend

LAS VEGAS – Baidu Intelligent Vehicle, a division of Chinese internet search giant Baidu, and BAIC Motor Corp., Ltd., the Chinese brand arm under BAIC Motor Group, will launch intelligent vehicles with telematics solutions provided by Baidu in the first half of this year and conduct L3 autonomous driving road tests by yearend, according to an strategic cooperation agreement reached by the two partners on January 6 at CES 2017 held here.

The two companies will cooperate in Level 3 autonomous driving technology which includes high definition (HD) maps and Learning Map, and Baidu will provide BAIC with intelligent vehicle OEM solutions including CarLife, CoDriver, and MapAuto. They will also co-launch a research lab to promote technological collaboration and the mass application of intelligent vehicle technologies.

Baidu President Dr. Yaqin Zhang said at the signing ceremony, “Intelligent vehicle technology is an increasingly important area for Baidu, and we are delighted to be partnering with BAIC, one of the most active automobile manufacturers worldwide in promoting smart software. We look forward to working together to establish a smart vehicle ecosystem to support this important industry trend.”

BAIC Motor President Li Feng said, “The future of the automobile industry lies in the deep integration and synergistic innovation between traditional automobile manufacturers and internet companies. Our strategic partnership with Baidu will help upgrade the intelligent technology capabilities of both companies, while establishing a model for development in the smart vehicle industry.”

According to Baidu, based on a combination of camera sensors, radar and HD map technology, its L3 autonomous driving technology Sensor-Fusion Solution has been successfully tested in vehicles under real-world driving conditions including highways, parking lots and closed areas. Its HD Map has reached centimeter-level accuracy with over 90 percent of data produced automatically. The smart vehicle solution CarLife has been deployed in nearly 150 car models from 60 auto manufacturers, including Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai and SAIC-GM (including Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac brands), and counts over 700,000 car owners as active users.

BAIC Motor also launched its “NOVA-PLS” strategy on smart driving, telematics and cockpit technology at CES 2017, namely “NOVA-pilot,” “NOVA-link” and “NOVA-space.” It hopes to realize conditional L3/L4 autonomous driving by 2020 to 2025.

In November 2016, Baidu and Beiqi-Foton Motor Co. (Foton), the world’s largest commercial vehicle company in terms of production and sales, co-launched China’s first ever autonomous driving truck, which represents a major milestone in the development of autonomous driving technology for commercial vehicles.

Baidu Intelligent Vehicle will continue to work with auto manufacturers all over the world to develop an intelligent vehicle ecosystem and to expand intelligent vehicle technology applications for traditional vehicles.

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