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Beiben Truck inks strategic cooperative agreement with ECS

ST VALENTIN, Austria – Beiben Heavy-Duty Truck Co. (Beiben Truck) has inked a strategic cooperative agreement here with Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG (ECS), a well-known developer and designer for truck and truck parts under MAGNA, according to a company news release.

ECS boasts strong technological capacities in truck design and development, integration, test and evaluation, adjustment capability, powertrain system technology, cab development technology, chassis and suspension technology, simulation and computing technology as well as vehicle electronic technology.

With a solid cooperation foundation, the two parties have established a long-term collaborative development and data exchange system.

Moreover, through multiple projects, Beiben Truck has established two digitalized sample vehicle platforms and has accumulated a large amount of software and data resources in vehicle integration technology, chassis design technology, simulation technology and test technology with an internationalized working team.

Beiben Truck and ECS affirmed that the cooperation has benefited both sides, and in the future they will promote further bilateral cooperation in other areas.

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