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Beijing-Hyundai launches Elantra EV

BEIJING – Beijing-Hyundai officially launched the Elantra EV on August 7 at retail prices of ¥199,800 and ¥202,800 that would be reduced to as low as ¥110,800 and ¥113,800 for customers in Beijing after national and local subsidies of ¥66,000 as well as a special discount of ¥23,000 from Beijing-Hyundai.

The Elantra EV is positioned as the first high-quality compact EV from a joint venture brand and targeted at people who mainly have relatively short work commutes in first-tier cities with license plate restrictions. The model fills a gap between imported and Chinese brand EVs, offering JV superior quality but affordable pricing of a locally-produced model.

The Elantra EV is equipped with four advanced technology features including world-class highly efficient electric motor system, integrated EPCU control module, intelligent iBAU system and high energy density ternary lithium battery. It has a class-leading minimum energy consumption of 13.3 kwh/100 km and a 36 kWh battery pack giving it a rated range of 270 km after full charge. It can be charged on all national standard charging piles and household power supplies and take only 30 minutes for a fast charge.

The model is based on the Elantra Yuedong with minor adjustment in details. It has a new style three radial multi-function steering wheel, an electric motor with maximum horsepower of 111, more comfortable ride space and a new exclusive EV air conditioning system. Buyers of the model will receive a 3-year or 120,000-km vehicle warranty and 8-year or 150,000-km battery+electric motor core components warranty.

As the first new energy vehicle jointly created by Beijing-Hyundai’s Technology Center and Hyundai Motor’s Yantai Technology Research Institute, the Elantra EV embodies the continuous deepening of Beijing-Hyundai’s localization strategy.

The Elantra EV is part of Beijing-Hyundai’s NEV plan announced in June 2016 to launch one to two NEV models to the market every year as it eyes NEVs account to be 10 percent of sales in the future. It currently produces the Sonata Hybrid.

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