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BYD and ADL to deliver more electric buses to Go-Ahead London

LONDON – BYD announced on July 20 that its electric bus partnership with Alexander Dennis Ltd. (ADL), UK’s leading bus and coach manufacturer, has secured a third order from Go-Ahead London for a total of 30 BYD ADL Enviro200EV 10.8-m models.

Eleven of the buses will operate on Transport for London’s route 153 from February 2018. A further 19 electric buses will operate route 214 from August 2019. All will be based at Go-Ahead London’s Northumberland Park in North London which will be equipped with BYD supplied charging.

The new order means that Go-Ahead London will have in service a total of 95 BYD ADL pure electric buses based at three depots – Waterloo, Camberwell and Northumberland Park.

The announcement follows the news last month that another TfL operator, London United – part of RATP Dev, has ordered 36 ADL BYD electric buses. The BYD ADL partnership anticipates further orders imminently as other TfL tenders are awarded.

“We are without doubt the pre-eminent operator of electric buses in London and have accrued significant experience of their operation. The fact is that the BYD ADL products have proved themselves capable of replacing diesel buses without any operational impact in terms of daily scheduling,” said Richard Harrington, Engineering Director at Go-Ahead Group. “Careful planning of the depot recharge facilities and infrastructure is of course necessary but we have no need to use any opportunity charging.”

“The strength of the combined BYD ADL offer is now clear for all to see. Go-Ahead London’s initial fleet of 51 has been in operation for almost 10 months now, operating reliably and effectively day in, day out. No further trials are necessary – these products deliver outstanding efficiency and environmental benefits today and we are optimistic of further significant orders,” said Isbrand Ho, Managing Director BYD Europe.

Robert Davey, ADL’s Group Commercial and Business Development Director, commented: “There can be no excuses now. Faced with the air quality crisis, city transport authorities and operators across the UK can confidently order the BYD ADL Enviro200EV at whatever length suits them secure in the knowledge that our product works well and can replace diesel buses without operational compromises.”

BYD and ADL reached a deal two years ago worth £19 million to provide a fleet of 51 double-decker electric buses.

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