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BYD delivers 27 battery electric heavy-duty tractors to Daylight Transport

FONTANA, California – BYD delivered the first batch of 27 battery electric heavy-duty tractors produced in the U.S. worth $19.2 million to Daylight Transport, a leading expedited LTL provider based in Fontana, California, according to local media report.

The 27 tractors delivered this time include 23 units of Class Eight Tractors weighted more than 15 tons and four units of Class Five tractors weighted at 7.3 to 8.8 tons.

BYD has collaborated with California Air Resources Board (CARB), San Bernardino Government Committees and Daylight Transport to place 27 units of zero-emission electric trucks in poorer air quality areas in the U.S. and according to plans, the first four trucks delivered will be used for Daylight Transport, while the remaining 23 units for two railway stations in San Bernardino and some of the counties in Los Angeles.

BYD also won an order valued at $9.1 million from San Bernardino government last year.

Trucks delivered this time will replace the existing diesel medium trucks there and will be used for wharf freight house round-trip transport.

The 23 units of Class Eight trucks are all equipped with 209 kWh battery packs with maximum charging time of 15 hours and maximum GCWR capacity at 102,000 pounds.

Each of BYD electric truck delivered this time is retailed at $300,000, much expensive than traditional fuel oil counterparts. However, the wharf has installed solar power system, therefore, the application of battery electric trucks will help save up to $25,000 fuel and maintenance fees every year.

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