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CAMC delivers Hanma H6 trucks to Malaysian customer

SIBU, Malaysia – Hualing Xingma Automobile (CAMC) recently delivered 100 units of the Hanma H6 heavy-duty trucks to Woodman, its customer here in Malaysia.

The Hanma H6 heavy-duty truck is one of CAMC’s hot-selling truck products in recent years. With its high reliability, high safety standards and high fuel economy, the Hanma H6 has been gaining increasing popularity among customers in China and overseas, said Ge Xiaosheng, assistant to the president of CAMC, at the truck delivery ceremony. “CAMC’s business philosophy is to satisfy customers and create values for them. The deal of 100 units of H6 trucks is an upgrade of the trusted cooperation between CAMC and Woodman,” said Ge.

“I visited many companies in the world and participated in the design of some big brands,” said an executive of Woodman. “In CAMC, production lines are 80 percent operated by robots, and the error rate is very low. So I can say CAMC is the signature of Asia, and its trucks are the best in China.”

According to Liu Cui who is in charge of CAMC’s overseas business, Woodman is a well-known company in Malaysia specializing in palm tree planting and production of palm oil. Having a palm tree planting area of about 70,000 hectares, the company is able to produce 5,000 tons of palm oil every day, which leads to a high demand for vehicle transportation.

Woodman has been a customer of CAMC for many years. The company has nearly 150 units of trucks from CAMC in addition to the new Hanma H6.

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