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IFCAID 2018: Policy loosens up, OEMs open up

TIANJIN – Future industry policies and regulations are expected to become more liberal, focusing more on post-approval supervision rather than complex approval procedures and high entry hurdles, while Chinese OEMs see open collaboration and cross-industry integration as crucial success factors in a market that has significantly opened up. That was a

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Sino-U.S. JV developing motorsport venue with a commercial twist

CHONGQING – A Sino-U.S. joint venture would rollout V1 Auto World by the end of 2018, a premiere end-to-end automobile destination spread over 650,000 square meters integrating world-class motorsports with innovative automotive commerce and leisure. The project involves investment of ¥6 billion by the New York-based Waitex Group and Hong

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Dreams and anxieties: Over 90 percent of the new automotive manufacturing forces are unreliable

BEIJING – More than 90 percent of the Chinese smart EV startups, or the so-called new automotive manufacturing forces, are unreliable, and it is ridiculous to make money through software rather than selling vehicles, according to Li Xiang, founder and CEO of CHJ Automotive, one of those startups. Li made

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2018 China Auto Forum: “Internet thinking” not a pedestal for the auto industry

BEIJING – Automakers should not put “Internet thinking” on a pedestal and overly depend on it, but rather focus to develop related technologies in a pragmatic manner so as to create a competitive advantage in automotive mobility technologies, according to Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group. Li made the

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Auto execs seek regulatory support on NEVs and autonomous driving at “Two Sessions”

BEIJING – The First Annual Session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) and the First Session of the 13th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), known as the “Two Sessions” held each year by China’s top legislative and advisory bodies, were held from March 3-20 this year. Delegates and

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