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Haval starts production of F7 SUV in Tula factory, entering into new era of globalization

TULA, Russia – Great Wall Motor’s SUV brand Haval has launched the inaugural round of production for the highly anticipated Haval F7 SUV in the brand’s new factory in Tula, Russia.   The production of the Haval F7 marks a significant milestone as the F7 is automaker’s first full-process mass-produced vehicle manufactured

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BYD wins EV contracts with State of Georgia and City of Atlanta

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD said on August 13 that it has won the bid to supply the U.S. State of Georgia’s Statewide Contracts for Public Mass Transit & Transportation Vehicles, specifically for battery electric buses. The resulting statewide contract will be a “convenience” source for all State of Georgia governmental

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The tariff cut and its short- and long-term impacts on the industry

The swift move by the Ministry of Finance on May 22 to cut import tariffs for automobiles and components (see China reduces import tariffs for autos to 15 percent, components tariffs cut to 6 percent), coming just 42 days after President Xi Jinping vowed at the Bo’ao Forum for Asia

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