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Piaggio Group and Foton sign final contract to jointly develop LCVs

PONTEDERA, Italy – Italy’s Piaggio Group and leading Chinese light commercial vehicle manufacturer Foton signed the final contract here on May 17 for the development and production of a new range of four-wheel light commercial vehicles. The signing comes about eight months after the two partners signed a preliminary agreement in

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Quiet transformation of Euro-style light bus market

Not long ago, the Euro-style light bus market led by Jiangling Motors (JMC) and NAVECO was likened to a blue ocean due to few competitors, high profits and fast-paced research and development. As new models have continuously been introduced into the market by both commercial vehicle and bus companies, 2014

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Brilliance-Jinbei initiates light truck project in Shenyang Auto Zone

SHENYANG, Liaoning – Brilliance-Jinbei, a subsidiary of Brilliance Auto, recently initiated a light truck manufacturing project in the Shenyang Auto Zone with an investment of ¥1.49 billion ($225 million), expecting to have an annual output capacity of 90,000 units, find800.com reported. Also, within this year, Brilliance Auto is to invest

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Chang’an to acquire stakes of Baoding Chang’an Bus and Chang’an Kuayue

CHONGQING – Chongqing Chang’an Automobile Co., Ltd. (Chang’an) released an announcement on March 1 that it proposes to acquire 100 percent stake of Baoding Chang’an Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Baoding Chang’an Bus) which is currently fully owned by Chongqing Chang’an Industry Group Co., Ltd. as well

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