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‘Made by China’ is what Chinese consumers want now

By Business InsiderAkio Toyoda has China on his mind. On Tuesday, the day he announced record earnings, the Toyota Motors president warned of a sharp slowdown in the world's biggest market, echoing concerns already aired by BMW. But another development in China may spell even more trouble for global carmakers:

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Multinationals pessimistic about the China market

“Overcapacity and insufficient demand will be a long-term phenomenon in China,” Shen Jinjun, director of China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA), was quoted as saying in a signed article published by Jingji Guancha Bao or Economic Observer. Given the current situation, multinational OEMs in China are forced to lower their 2015

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Pateo has lofty goals for smart car business

Freeman Shen took over as Pateo’s CEO in January. Since then, he has been focused on building up a globally competitive team for the company. Pateo chairman Ken Ying has decided on a new direction for Pateo’s future: smart cars. According to Ying’s plans, they will have a whole new

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