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Chinese tire brands expanding in Africa

JOHANNESBURG – The rapid growth of middle class in African countries has pushed up demand for automobiles and tires. The price-sensitive nature of the African tire market has become an ideal ground for Chinese tire companies to enter, pushing the Western tire brands into the periphery. South Africa, for example,

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Most tire manufacturers will not survive 2016

In a recent survey conducted by tireworld.com.cn regarding the wellbeing of domestic tire manufacturers, nearly two-thirds of the respondents believe that most tire manufacturers will not survive 2016, according to results released on February 2. The survey also shows that over 40 percent of the respondents believe that vicious competition and

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Higher prices and declining exports hurt profitability of Chinese tire makers

Chinese tire manufacturers are marking up their prices, responding to price increases over the past few months for both raw materials and U.S.-made tires. However, higher prices, along with over-production and declining exports are hurting the profitability of tire makers in China, according to local media reports. International tire manufacturers,

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