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Daimler and Bosch demonstrate driverless parking in Beijing, key to AVP lies in intelligent infrastructure

BEIJING – ABS, ESP and now Automated Valet Parking (AVP). Daimler and Bosch are trying to make the driverless parking technology as ubiquitous as ABS and ESP they pioneered years ago now as standard features found on almost every car. The two partners demonstrated the AVP for the first time in China

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Aptiv opens new Suzhou Tech Center with 5G V2E lab, to launch L2+ ADAS in China by turn of decade

SUZHOU, Jiangsu – China will be the first country where Aptiv PLC will develop and launch its so-called “L2+” advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), according to David Paja, senior vice president & president, Advanced Safety and User Experience at the leading global technology company specialized in connected solutions and autonomous

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BYD launches “D++” open-source platform, teams up with Baidu on autonomous driving and debuts blockchain-based carbon banking solution

SHENZHEN – BYD officially launched its groundbreaking “D++” open-source platform at the BYD Worldwide Developer Conference in Shenzhen on September 5. Themed “Opening and Creating for the Future,” the event saw BYD re-emphasize its bold vision for smart transport. In addition, a “developer version” of BYD’s Qin Pro model was unveiled

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BYD wins EV contracts with State of Georgia and City of Atlanta

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD said on August 13 that it has won the bid to supply the U.S. State of Georgia’s Statewide Contracts for Public Mass Transit & Transportation Vehicles, specifically for battery electric buses. The resulting statewide contract will be a “convenience” source for all State of Georgia governmental

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DFL announces Green 2022 Plan, 20 electrified models to be introduced

WUHAN, Hubei – Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (DFL), one of the largest and most diversified joint venture automaker in China, has released its new Green 2022 Plan which focuses on green products, production and materials reuse. As planned, DFL will introduce 20 electrified (EV + e-POWER) models under its four brands

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