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Chang’an and Alibaba reach strategic cooperation on smart telematics

HANGZHOU, Zhejiang – Chang’an Automobile Co., Ltd. and Alibaba signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou on October 13 on the sidelines of Alibaba’s 2017 Computing Conference to jointly promote scientific and technological innovation and strategic development in vehicle telematics.

Through the cooperation, Chang’an is expected to benefit from the cloud computing technology and internet architecture of Alibaba and jointly cooperate with Alibaba in three aspects: intelligent IoV platform, IoV services and corporate social networks, so as to provide users with extreme IoV services. In addition, the two sides will establish a joint laboratory for the R&D of AI, on-board applications, information security and related fields.

At present, Chang’an has more than 60 intelligent technologies in the fields of smart connectivity, smart human-machine interface and smart driving. In addition, Chang’an is the first Chinese vehicle brand to have joined the Mobility Transformation Center based in Michigan of the U.S. In November 2016, Chang’an officially set up an operation in Silicon Valley, further accelerating the development of intelligent automobiles.

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