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China 6, intelligent and new energies major trends of heavy-duty trucks at Auto Shanghai 2019

SHANGHAI – Auto Shanghai 2019, or the 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, was held here on April 16-25. Commercial vehicle manufacturers including CNHTC, Beiqi-Foton, SAIC Motor and Qingling Motors displayed a total of 20 heavy-duty, medium and light trucks at the show. The following are highlights of some major heavy-duty truck products showcased at the event (in alphabetical order by manufacturers). – Editor


Auman 2019 EST-A China 6 ETC heavy-duty truck

The Auman 2019 EST-A China 6 ETC heavy-duty truck from Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd., the joint venture between Beiqi-Foton and Daimer AG, is an upgraded version of the Auman EST-A super truck. It is equipped with Foton-Cummins’ X13 engine, which has a displacement of 13L with maximum output of 560 horsepower and peak torque of 2,600 Nm. The power system adopts non-EGR technology route and satisfies China 6 emissions standards.

The 2019 version of the EST-A super truck has an exterior dimensions of 7,135×2,490×3,950 mm and a wheelbase of 3,300+1,350 mm.

Compared with the previous version, the 2019 Auman EST-A super truck has many upgrades including a redesigned interior in the cabin, front and back cameras for panoramic view, and radars for collision alert and lane departure warning, which make it safer, more comfortable and reliable.

The ETC system in the front is a highlight of the 2019 Auman EST-A super truck, in addition to its new China 6 power system. Now as the standard device of the super truck, the ETC can help users reduce the time in passing through toll stations, so as to satisfy their needs for high operation efficiency. Moreover, the new super truck is equipped with a connected vehicle management system, which enables digital and visualized fleet management to improve transportation efficiency. This intelligent system, plus the upgraded power system, can help logistics enterprises achieve goals of cutting cost and increasing business revenues.

Auman 2019 EST LNG super truck

The 2019 version of the Auman EST LNG super truck is an all-weather and all-driving condition heavy-duty truck. It is designed based on the forward-looking thinking and science and technology innovations for coal industry customers who require high quality LNG heavy-duty truck products.

The 2019 Auman EST LNG super truck is equipped with Foton-Cummins X12 engine or Weichai Power engine mated with Fast’s X series gearboxes. The advanced gas system it adopts can bring better gas combustion so as to increase combustion efficiency, and the high volume nozzle on the truck can lower requirement on gas pressure and make gas intake easier. Moreover, the engine’s cooling power has been increased by 20 percent.

To meet users’ requirement to get a truck with lighter weight, more durable and higher strength so they can load more goods for more profit, the rear axle of the 2019 Auman EST LNG super truck is improved using the lightweight technology from the German truck maker, and its bearing system is also upgraded. In addition, the gas tankers of the truck are also lightweight technology embedded, which help reduce users’ range anxiety in long-distance driving.

Aumark S5 super medium truck

The Aumark S5 super medium truck is designed using the concept of the super truck’s all-new M4 platform. The S5 medium truck adopts China 6 standard Cummins ISF4.5 engine with maximum output of 210 horsepower and peak torque of 760 Nm at 1,100-1,700 rpm, enabling a maximum speed of 113 km/h. Compared with comparable trucks, fuel consumption is reduced by 5-8 percent while operational mileage before maintenance is extended by three times.

With a wheelbase of 7,300 mm, the new Aumark S5 carries a lorry box with exterior size of 9,780×2,450×2,600 mm and interior space of 62.3 cubic meters, the maximum dimension and volume allowed by law.

The interior design of the S5 medium truck is based on that of a passenger car to provide more comfort for drivers. Moreover, a number of smart features are added to the truck including a smart BCM system alert, central locking system, power doors and windows and remote control. The new Aumark S5 applies iFoton truck connectivity technology which transfers data and information through Beidou/GPS which helps fleet management more efficiently, so as to achieve more efficient logistics operation.


HOWO T5G self-driving electric truck

The HOWO T5G self-driving electric heavy-duty truck is developed uniquely for port transportation business using new energy and vehicle connectivity technologies.

The world’s first L4 autonomous port truck is equipped with MAN technology-based TGS cabin, axles and TGA vehicle frame, a direct-drive dual motor system with maximum power of 260 kW and peak torque of 4,260 Nm, EBS+EPB electric braking system, and other advanced devices. 

This self-driving electric heavy-duty truck has a short wheelbase of 3,200 mm, which effectively reduces the turning radius, making the truck more nimble at turns on road. By charging in one hour, the lithium-iron phosphate batteries enable the truck to operate for 120 km in full load. And with the support of intelligent sensors and automatic driving system’s perception and positioning technologies, it can run safely in 24 hours under different weather conditions such as fog, rain and snow.

After testing at ports for more than 3,000 hours through combining port management systems using vehicle connectivity technology, the HOWO T5G truck was put into trial operation in Tianjin Port on April 12, 2018. So far, it has completed 7,000 hours of self-driving business operation at the port.

The price for the HOWO T5G self-driving intelligent truck is ¥2 million.

SITRAK G7H 8×4 lightweight dump truck

The SITRAK G7H 8×4 lightweight dump truck is equipped with MC11.44-60 China 6 standard engine, which can churn out 440 horsepower with maximum torque of 2,100 Nm, topping those trucks with same displacement engine in the domestic market, greatly increasing the capability of the dump truck to move through on soft and muddy roads.

The box of the dump truck is made of high wear resistance sheets from Hardox using world-advanced heavy-duty truck technology and manufacturing techniques.

The cabin of the dump truck meets the strict European ECE R29 requirement to ensure the safety of the driver. Many technology-advanced devices are equipped in the cabin for driver’s safety and comfort needs including seat with air shocker absorber, electric controlled windows, multi-function steering wheel, audio entertainment system, cruise control, and rearview windows with adjusting and heating functions to make sure the driver can operate the truck safely through viewing the road conditions from every angle in the cabin.

The SITRAK G7H 8×4 lightweight dump truck is sold at ¥445,000.

Qingling Motors

Qingling Isuzu Giga 2020

The Qingling Isuzu Giga heavy-duty truck is developed jointly by Qingling and Isuzu for the Chinese market using the two partners’ core technologies and manufacturing techniques.

The 2020 version of the Isuzu Giga has many upgrades compared with the one displayed at Auto Shanghai 2017.

The new 6×4 Giga truck is equipped with Isuzu 16L 6WG1-TCG52 engine with maximum output of 520 horsepower and peak torque of 2,300 Nm, meeting China 6 emissions standards. It adopts ZF AMT transmission and retarder, Hendrickson airbag suspension, lift axle and large-size aluminium alloy fuel container.

To enhance its operational safety, the high-end Giga truck has options for electric stability control system, electric braking system, automatic emergency braking system, lane departure warning system, and other intelligent devices.

To offer more comfortable conditions for drivers, the upgraded Giga truck adopts leather seat with air suspension, multi-function steering wheel, widened bed with desk and reading light, optimized top storage space, and some other improvements.

SAIC Motor

Genlyon intelligent hazardous chemical truck

The Genlyon intelligent hazardous chemical truck from SAIC Motor’s commercial vehicle subsidiary SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan is developed on a C2B platform to meet users’ specific needs and requirements. It is designed using seven patents on tractor-tanker integration technologies, so it is more convenient and easier for users to operate the whole truck, compared to previous versions. Furthermore, through unifying technology standards, data communication and coordinated control on tractor and tanker, the new hazardous chemical truck is more stable and safer in operation.

The company’s latest intelligent connectivity system, a highlight of the new truck, can check goods, driving, devices and the operation of tractor and tanker timely through its dangerous goods monitoring platform. When any abnormal situation happens, the system can collect information on fault by map tracking, track playback, smart image and other functions to effectively reduce and prevent risks and dangers in operation.

In the active and passive safety area, the new truck has added advanced driver assistance systems and anti-fatigue driving warning device based on facial recognition technology, in addition to traditional equipment such as lane departure warning system, automatic emergency braking system and electric stability control system.

Most importantly, the tanker of the new truck has a high-tech safety lever which can prevent leaking and explosion of the dangerous chemicals inside the tanker, even when collision happens.

The new Genlyon intelligent hazardous chemical truck is priced at ¥669,900-¥999,900. 

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