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China expected to export 84,000 heavy-duty trucks in 2019, CNHTC takes home crown

China will have exported about 84,000 heavy-duty trucks in 2019, up about 20 percent year-on-year, according to exclusive data obtained by

Uneven export by vehicle type and destination

Data showed that dump trucks were the No. 1 type of heavy-duty truck exported, accounting for 39 percent of overall heavy-duty truck export volume. Africa and Asia Pacific were the top two destinations, accounting for a combined 70 percent of the total heavy-duty trucks exported.

Looking back at data from six years between 2014 and 2019, heavy-duty truck export volume has grown every year except in 2016. It reached 41,000, 67,000 and 47,000 units in 2014, 2015 and 2016, respectively, while 69,000 heavy-duty trucks were exported in both 2017 and 2018.

Tractors accounted for the second most exported heavy-duty truck type in 2019, with a 33 percent share, followed by mixing trucks and cargo trucks at both 9 percent, special-purpose vehicles at 5 percent and off-road wide engineering vehicles and cranes at 1 percent.

Export volume to Africa and Asia Pacific in 2019 both reached 29,000 units, followed by Middle Asia at 15,000 units for a 18 percent share, Americas at 7 percent, West Asia and North Africa combined at 4 percent and Europe at 1 percent.

The Philippines, Nigeria, Vietnam, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Russia and Indonesia represented the top eight export destinations with export volumes of 8,658, 6,586, 5,129, 3,514, 2,398, 2,300, 2,114 and 2,095 units, respectively, accounting for half of the total heavy-duty trucks exported.  

According to industry insider, in underdeveloped regions such as Africa, heavy-duty trucks that adapt well to local fuel quality, are easier to repair and offer low engine displacements sell well, while those with low turning radius and maneuverability are in top demand in Southeast Asia where population density are high and roads are narrow. New energy trucks in developed regions such as Europe, Americas, Japan and Korea have relatively higher demand.   

CNHTC leads way

The top ten heavy-duty truck exporters in the first 11 months were CNHTC, Shaanxi Auto, Foton, FAW Jiefang, Beiben, Dongfeng, XCMG, JAC, SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan and Sany, with Sany entering the top 10 for the first time ever.

CNHTC lead the industry in export by far, with 33,000 units exported in the first 10 months of 2019, up 9.2 percent. That equates to export revenues of ¥9.53 billion, up 19.8 percent, and foreign exchange earnings of $1.06 billion, up 26.1 percent. The company expects to export 40,000 heavy-duty trucks for the year, up 10 percent with foreign exchange earnings expected to rise by 20 percent to $1.25 billion.

CNHTC has led the country in heavy-duty truck export for 15 consecutive years, and over the last five years has accounted for about half of the export volume. It currently sells heavy-duty trucks in more than 100 countries throughout the world and has exported more than 350,000 heavy-duty trucks to date.

Shaanxi Auto has been the No. 2 heavy-duty truck exporter for years. It is expected to export 15,000 heavy-duty trucks in 2019. It also sells trucks in more than 100 countries and regions with more than 170,000 heavy-duty trucks on the roads.

Foton and FAW Jiefang rank third and fourth respectively in heavy-duty truck export. FAW Jiefang in particular said at its recent annual business conference that it plans to sell 13,000 heavy-duty trucks overseas in 2020.

The rise in heavy-duty truck sales in the last couple of years have buoyed their export volume, but the fact that CNHTC and Shaanxi Auto dominate the export market with nearly 70 percent of the export volume reflects great potential for growth for other players.

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