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China’s heavy-duty truck market in 2016: key highlights (II)

China’s heavy-duty truck market is winding down to be a year of surprising growth, with sales expected to rise more than 30 percent to over 700,000 units (actual sales reported by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers were 733,000 units, up 33 percent). What were some of the key highlights? Commercial vehicle portal takes a look. – Editor


FAW Jiefang returns to the top of sales rankings

FAW Jiefang maintained its first spot in November heavy-duty truck sales by selling 20,500 units, up 135 percent year-on-year, and 141,400 units through to November, up 80 percent. The outstanding performance lies in its philosophy of “God helps those who help themselves” and quality products.

Actually, in the age of product strength dominance, the products widely recognized by clients must be practical, reliable and profitable. The Jiefang J6 Prestige edition passed the rigorous certification of 20 units in two years for spare parts, systems and the vehicle, with an accumulated test mileage of over 1 million km. It has realized the longest domestic guarantee cycle of three-years and 300,000 km, the longest domestic drain interval of 100,000 km for engines, gearboxes and drive axles and the 500,000-km maintenance free interval for the ConMet hub assembly. It has achieved the design targets of globally advanced high-standard and high-reliability. It not only satisfied the development demand of Chinese top-notch logistics industry, but also realized valuable output of high-efficiency, high-value and high-cost performance for high-end commercial vehicles.

The Jiefang J6 Prestige and JH6 are world-class heavy-duty trucks targeted at modern logistics efficient operations. It is also the secret of production increase to create the unique “systematic fuel-saving” technology in China through the integrated innovation of vehicle technologies.

Equipped with Shell’s long mileage of drain interval technologies, The Jiefang J6 Prestige and JH6 heavy-duty trucks obtained sound market response and were highly recognized by clients after accumulating an actual road driving test of 100,000 km. The 100,000 super-long km of drain intervals and 500,000-km maintenance free ConMet hub assembly reduced time and fees needed by vehicle maintenance significantly, efficiently lowering the cost of maintenance for truck drivers and the frequency of maintenance and thus increasing driver income greatly and safeguarding a smooth driving for the clients to be successful.

In September, with the implementation of the strictest standard on controlling oversize and overloading and the introduction of GB1589-2016 standards, the maximum weight of 6×4 tractors fell to 49 tons from 55 tons, and that of 6×2 tractors fell to 46 tons from 55 tons. In line with the new requirements, FAW Jiefang created its three product systems of tractors, dump trucks and cargo trucks with its own unique fuel-saving system and light-weighting technologies, which won recognition from clients and helped it attain sales leadership.


Shaanxi Auto aiming for top 3

Good news came from Shaanxi Auto that it posted a record order of over 20,000 units in November, hitting the yearly target of 72,000 units in advance.

From January to October, Shaanxi Auto sold 58,000 heavy-duty trucks, up 50 percent from the same previous period with a market share of 14 percent, including 37,000 tractors (up 50 percent), 12,000 dump trucks (up 36 percent) and doubling of cargo truck sales. In terms of key models, the X3000 sold 19,000 units, rising 4.2 percent, with the Gold edition sales exceeding 8,000 units, topping market share in that segment.

The “golden” industrial chain of Shaanxi Auto has marked advantages with vigorous growth in marketing. The three major models of tractors, dump trucks and cargo trucks all posted excellent performance, heating up the market.

Tractors posted significant growth and became the pioneer in the market. The new M3000 6×4 tractors of coal transportation have set an example for the industry with several folds of increase.

Dump trucks, the cream of the crop of Shaanxi Auto trucks, also continued with its growth trend. Not long before, the Delong X3000 high-end dump trucks were put into the market nationwide, showing dominating style of leadership. Sales exceeded 14,000 units so far in 2016, a key stand in the substantial market share of Shaanxi Auto’s heavy-duty trucks.

Cargo trucks kept breaking records. Its whole-series cargo trucks, with 10 percent less fuel consumption than competitors and the industry’s best self-weight, can fully satisfy differentiated client needs, thus making breakthroughs in daily industrial products, agricultural and sideline products, express delivery and cold chain transport. Its L3000 cargo trucks also started to be put into the regional market.

Shaanxi Auto has ways to go before it can catch up with the top three truck makers in spite of its outstanding sales for the first 11 months. Holding a safe lead in the secondary sales camp, there is a chance that Shaanxi Auto will ascend to the top three spots in terms of yearly sales given its current impressive performance.


Post “921” phenomena

New policies introduced on September 21 gave hope to efforts to control oversize and overloading in the industry. It brought unexpected effects: explosive growth of heavy-duty truck sales.

According to data released by CAAM, 69,600 heavy-duty trucks were sold in October, close to the 70,200 units sold in October 2010. Moreover, many dealers reported that their order of heavy-duty trucks went well into January 2017, foretelling a booming market in H1 of 2017. However, Xinjiang was excluded from the hot market led by 6×4 tractors, the first unexpected result of the new policies.

Second, overloading has become the “necessity” of cargo transport as the national control seems ineffective. Some of the places consider the document on controlling oversize and overloading as waste paper in spite of strict law enforcement in most provinces and cities. Cases of loose enforcement on road and traffic tickets were also reported.

Third, scalpers were in open defiance of the new policies. Loading height of some vehicles in Hunan Province reduced under the impact of the new policies but the phenomenon of over-height and over-width remained. It is both funny and annoying that in some service areas, scalpers were promoting their business by issuing name cards into trucks at parking lots and shouting out the effectiveness of their tickets.

Fourth, car transporter remained unruly, evident in the replacement of common double-row car transporters on expressways with single-row versions after the introduction of the new GB1589 policy.

Transport volume of single car transporter reduced under the impact of new polices, thus requiring more car transporters.

The double-row car transporters currently under strict control are mainly targeted at transport of sedans, SUVs and micro vehicles. All kinds of EVs, three-wheel vehicles, light trucks and agricultural machinery vehicles are excluded for the moment. It remains to be seen whether these kinds of vehicles will be included into the list of strict control.

It is hoped that paper regulation can be under constant improvement for transport owners and have its effect into full play.

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