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Chinese tycoon Yang Rong “returns” with the H600 eco-sustainable EV Concept

GENEVA – Hybrid Kinetic Group (HKG), a company founded by Chinese tycoon Yang Rong, former founder and chairman of Brilliance China Automotive Holdings, took the wraps off its H600 eco-sustainable electric drive concept vehicle at the Italian design house Pininfarina’s stand at the Geneva Motor Show on March 7.

The H600 is a range extended electric vehicle powered by HKG’s super battery system and a micro turbine power generator as range extender. As a car of fluid design, its 5.2-meter-long bodywork is painted with specially toned warm gray and further dynamized by the chromed boomerang-shaped front grille and ingenious rear lights. The panoramic sunroof, the extensive use of veneered wood and natural leather, five large curved display screens and the unique clock jeweled in the fascia all displays the premium amenities and exquisite workmanship only can be enjoyed by luxury cars.

The H600 will make its Asian debut at next month’s Shanghai Auto Show along with two other new energy SUV concepts.

On February 23, HKG and Pininfarina signed a trade agreement whereby Pininfarina will support HKG in the turnkey development of an electric car from the styling concept and development of the vehicle to the engineering development and virtual and physical validation for series production. The collaboration agreement, worth about €65 million, will have a total duration of 46 months.

HKG is devoted to developing genuine eco-sustainable new energy vehicles that both meet environmental protection concept and embody tasteful design, while Pininfarina has world-renowned capability in designing and building the best car of the best.

The cooperation with Pininfarina is one of the critical strategic movement made by HKG. A core project team will be arranged by Pininfarina to complete the scheduled project and HKG will continuously increase its publicity and position to attract further international partnerships, expanding its business into global luxury sedan market.

Yang fled China in mid-2002 just before he was served an arrest warrant from the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau for an alleged “embezzlement of State funds.” He was nominated as one of China’s top 10 automobile personalities in 2001 for his successful launch of the mid-level Zhonghua sedan made by Brilliance Jinbei Automotive. Yang has since operated in “stealth” mode preparing for his new venture HKG.

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