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CHJ Automotive starts trial production of SEV, breaks ground for second production base

CHANGZHOU, Jiangsu – CHJ Automotive began trial production of its smart electric vehicle (SEV) at its smart vehicle production base here on August 21, a little over a year after breaking ground.

It also broke ground for a second production base close by on the same day.

The SEV is a new category of vehicle based on European L6e standard to design, produce and manufacture, aiming to provide innovative solutions for short trips in urban areas. At present, the model has gone through two rounds of engineering prototype testing and improvement, in addition to other tests. It is expected to hit the market in the first half of 2018.

“We have adopted world-leading advanced passenger vehicle manufacturing processes to produce the SEV,” said Li Xiang, founder and CEO of CHJ. The SEV adopts a stamped body structure and comprehensive use of high strength steel, aluminum alloy and other materials. The overall automation of vehicle body welding process is 97 percent, while the coating process adopts many advanced technologies including 100 percent automatic spraying via Dürr robots. The SEV will be equipped with detachable lithium battery pack and household 220V charging interface. CHJ’s self-built 18650 power battery assembly plant will be put into production in September.

CHJ broke ground for its first production base on August 10, 2016. The start of trial production means that all equipment is entering final stages of production commissioning and verification.

The second production base has an investment of ¥3 billion, occupies an area of 450,000 square meters and has a planned output capacity of 100,000 vehicles a year. It covers the four major manufacturing processes of stamping, welding, coating and final assembly, as well as related electric motor, control and battery support facilities. CHJ’s smart SUV will be produced here.

The stamping workshop of the second base will use large-scale automatic closed production line, with ABB’s latest straight line seven-axis robot IRB7600FX. The welding workshop will introduce laser welding technology to achieve automation and high strength welding of different materials. The assembly workshop will adopt modular assembly to reduce the length of main assembly lines.

Over the last two years, CHJ has formed close cooperative partnerships with a large number of international and domestic top component suppliers.

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