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Dongfeng launches Huashen SPV brand and showcases top selling trucks at CCVS

WUHAN – It was home field advantage for Dongfeng Motor Corp. (DMC), China’s second largest automaker and leading commercial vehicle manufacturer by sales volume, at the China Commercial Vehicles Show (CCVS) held on November 4-7 at its hometown of Wuhan.

Its subsidiaries – Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (DSCV) and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (DFCV) – launched the Huashen dedicated special-purpose vehicle brand and showcased top selling trucks, respectively, at the annual show that alternates between Wuhan and Guangzhou.


Huashen seeks to become leading brand in SPV segment

Huashen (which literally means Chinese God) becomes one of a few dedicated special-purpose vehicle brands on the Chinese market and the third commercial vehicle brand under Dongfeng Motor after Dongfeng and Chenglong (heavy-duty truck brand from subsidiary Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd., or DFLZM).

The new brand showcased three traditional fuel vehicles and two new energy vehicle models: natural gas-powered tractor, vehicle transporter, box vehicle, battery electric refrigeration truck and fuel cell box vehicle.

The core value of the brand, according to the company, is “trust, efficiency and value.” Its brand spirit is “a trusted business partner” and its goal is to become China’s leading brand in the SPV segment. The launch of the brand means DSCV now has become an important pillar of Dongfeng’s overall commercial vehicle strategy that encompasses brother companies including DFCV, Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. (DFAC, which produces light commercial vehicles) and DFLZM.

“The launch of the Huashen brand is Dongfeng’s response to China’s ever changing commercial vehicle market and also a strategic move to optimize Dongfeng’s commercial vehicle business,” said Luo Yuanhong, assistant to the president of DMC in a media interview. “We want to create a new brand to solidify Dongfeng’s leadership in the commercial vehicle sector.”

Huashen has announced a two-stage development plan for brand awareness and acceptance. From 2017 to 2020, it will try to establish customer trust through quality, service, fast response and ergonomic designs, and accumulate customer resources and begin to have brand influence. From 2021-2025, Huashen will focus more on creating more values for customers based on its brand influence and customer base and help customers succeed in their businesses. Through five years of target market cultivation, customers would appreciate that Huashen is a trusted business partner through more precise grasp of customer needs and requirements.

According to Luo, in terms of positioning, Huashen will be focused on the SPV and SPV chassis market to meet individual and customized demands and customers with special requirements. DFCV and DFAC, on the other hand, will target mid- to high-end commercial vehicle market both at home and abroad with the Dongfeng brand, while DFLZM with its Chenglong brand will target regional mid- to high-end transport needs.

DSCV sold 47,600 various SPVs in 2016, up 22 percent, which was higher than industry average growth, according to Wang Jianfeng, president of DSCV. It sold 42,000 vehicles in the first 10 months of 2017, up 39 percent, including 9,000 NEVs, which were up 80 percent.

“With our expertise in professional grade chassis, we are No. 1 in the new energy logistics and environmental sanitation vehicle chassis,” said Wang in a media interview. “As laws and regulations toughen on emissions requirements, customers need one-stop operational solutions and these factors will help us to further solidify our existing advantages in special-purpose chassis.”

Huashen will have three platforms covering light, medium and heavy-duty SPVs, according to Pan Chuanzheng, vice president of DSCV. It will also focus on regional transport logistics vehicles in additional to the special-purpose chassis segment.

DSCV was officially established on October 23, 2014, a move by Dongfeng to extend and optimize its commercial vehicle footprint.


Seven top selling trucks from DFCV take center stage

DFCV showcased seven top selling trucks with the latest features and equipment, namely: Kinland Flagship 6×4 tractor, Kinland 6×4 tractor, Kinland 6×2 truck, Kinland KC 8×4 muck truck, Kinland KC 6×4 muck truck, Kinrun 4×2 truck and Kinrun 4×2 dumper.

The Kinland Flagship 6×4 tractor is equipped with an ISZ520 engine and features a lighter body and higher power. The Kinland TF98 is powered by a DCi450 engine with a bigger fuel tank of 750L for long-distance transport. The Kinland K76M is powered by a DDi75 engine, while the two KC muck trucks are the two mainstream trucks on the market. The Kinrun 4×2 truck adopts a light weight design and has become a mainstream model for express delivery and components transport, while the Kinrun natural gas dumper fits perfectly for rural transport of construction of grains and muck.

“The seven vehicles on display represent our understanding of market trend and customer requirements in power, fuel economy and dependability,” said Zhang Zutong, Party secretary of DFCV. “They also represent the highest technology levels of our cooperation with Volvo Group.”

So far in 2017, DFCV has launched a series of products meeting market demands, including Kinland 450 and 520 hp tractors, as well as the Flagship tractor, and Kinland 8×4 truck and Kinrun 4×2 truck.

“As the core business unit of Dongfeng’s medium and heavy-duty trucks, DFCV is given high attention by Dongfeng,” said Li Shaozhu, president of DMC. “In the past two years of operational adjustment of DFCV, we have raised the strategic target of regaining industry leadership for DFCV and it has so far achieved significant improvement.”

In the first nine months of the year, DFCV sold 131,026 medium and heavy-duty trucks, up 47 percent and remaining as the runner up in the segment after FAW Jiefang.

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