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Dongfeng-Venucia and AutoNavi reach strategic cooperation on telematics

BEIJING – Dongfeng-Venucia Automobile Co., Ltd. and AutoNavi Information Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing on August 14 to carry out comprehensive cooperation in telematics.

Dongfeng-Venucia and AutoNavi will cooperate in location services, mapping platforms, high-precision maps and ADAS to provide users better driving experiences.

In addition, they will also cooperate in internet finance, big data application and joint precision marketing. Following this strategic cooperation, the two sides will make a “one stop shop” vehicle networking and jointly build automotive smart-connected life circle in the future.

As early as 2015, Dongfeng-Venucia issued the “Wisdom Cheguanjia” including eight functions to realize the basic information presentation, which marked Venucia’s entry into the vehicle networking 1.0 era. “On the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the Venucia brand, the cooperation of Venucia and AutoNavi marks the arrival of Dongfeng-Venucia vehicle networking 2.0 era,” said Zhou Xianpeng, president of Dongfeng-Venucia and vice president of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

After signing the cooperation agreement with AutoNavi, Dongfeng-Venucia will launch the first vehicle model carrying the jointly developed telematics system – the D60. “The D60 will be equipped with the AutoNavi map and more Venucia models will follow, with 10 years of free use,” said Ma Lei, vice president of Dongfeng-Venucia.

“We know that Wechat is an important application of the mobile internet era. Through this cooperation with Dongfeng-Venucia, we plan to make AutoNavi the ‘Wechat’ of the telematics era,” said Wei Dong, executive president of AutoNavi and vice president of Alibaba Mobile Division.

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