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Dongfeng VT 14-speed transmission goes into mass production

SHIYAN, Hubei – Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (DFCV) started mass production of its Dongfeng VT 14-speed transmission on September 14 with daily output capacity of 62 units, according to a company news release.

Production of the Dongfeng VT 14-speed transmissions is the first project after Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., parent company of DFCV, joined hands with Volvo for commercial vehicle development in 2015.

As introduced, this transmission product is developed based on Volvo’s technology platform. It features high quality, lightweight, fuel efficiency, strong power, comfort in gear switch, and can accommodate large output engines. In the future, DFCV’s Kinland series heavy-duty trucks will be equipped with Dongfeng VT 14-speed transmission product to help increase the operational power of these heavy-duty trucks.

Dongfeng-Volvo transmission project started construction in March 2015. The first phase has an output capacity of 30,000 units. In April this year, 42 units of the transmission rolled off the line and they all passed inspection. One month later in May, small quantity production began with planned production of more than 300 units. Now the transmission officially goes into mass production.

Fueled by the government policies, China’s commercial vehicle market sees sharp increase in production and sales. In the first eight months of the year, DFCV sold a total of 115,859 mid- and heavy-duty trucks, a growth of 47 percent from the previous year.

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