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EControls’s Tech Summit on China VI Natural Gas Engines Gathers Industry Giants Weichai, SINOTRUK, Yuchai, FAW and Others

The year 2019 has seen an exponential growth of China VI heavy-duty natural gas vehicles in the market, with both production and sales hitting new records. It is widely believed in the industry that sales will continue to rise in the coming years and account for more than 30 percent of the market, due to China’s unremitting efforts in pushing forward its Blue Sky Protection Campaign and its policies in energy conservation and emission reduction.

Implementing the “China VI” Standards to Protect the Blue Sky

With the China VI Emission Standards for heavy-duty natural gas vehicles coming into effect on July 1, 2019, sales of “China VI” gas engines started to dramatically increase from September. This is a market with both huge opportunities and challenges.

Murphy EControls Technologies (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “EControls”) held the “2019 Technical Summit on China VI Natural Gas Engines and Calibration Training” in Hangzhou, where experts and core technical teams from all key “China VI” commercial vehicle gas engine manufacturers including Yuchai, SINOTRUK, FAW, Weichai and Chaoyang Diesel (DCD) convened. This gathering was not only an event for technical exchanges on gas engines, but also an important milestone to support the promotion of China VI emission standards and China’s drive to protect its environment.

EControls Expected to Have a Share of More Than 50% in the “China VI” Gas Engine Market

As an international supplier of electronic control systems for gas engines, EControls has been leading the industry in terms of design, technology and manufacturing, and serves many industry leading customers including world-renowned engine and vehicle manufacturers.

EControls systems are extensively applied to commercial vehicles, forklifts, power generation and marine equipment. Its engine design consultation and calibration services enable gas engines to meet stringent international emission regulations with performance that rivals a diesel engines’ torque and responsiveness, while considering total cost and future emission standards.

EControls is the first designer and developer of complete systems and components (such as ECU, CFV, dedicated EGR mixer, and EGR measuring device) specifically for “China VI” gas engines. These products have also been adopted by global engine manufacturers, and are currently applied to near-zero emission commercial vehicles in the U.S.

Current on-highway commercial vehicle customers include Yuchai, SINOTRUK, FAW, Cummins. For off-road applications EControls is also the major partner of U.S. PSI and Weichai Power North America.

Based on current production and on-going developments, EControls is expected to have a share of more than 50% in the “China VI” gas engine market.

EControls has been serving the Chinese market since 2005, and its Hangzhou factory has become a strategic base in the Asia-Pacific region, integrating sales, production and application development. Its advanced, high quality test benches can satisfy the need of 3-16L gas engines for calibration and testing in accordance with China VI Emission Standards.

Will “China VI” Gas Engines Rival Diesel Engines on Power Output? 

The “China VI” Natural Gas emission and durability standards are recognized as technically challenging. Relying on its experience of co-developing more than 300 gas engines and a strong team of experts versed in state-of-the-art technologies, EControls is able to optimize engine design for its partners on a level comparable to consulting firms. Moreover, its key technologies, including integrated algorithms, continuous fuel flow and EGR measurement accuracy, enable the “China VI” gas engines of its partners to stand out in terms of performance, fuel economy and total cost.

Training Site

On December 3-13, EControls’ “2019 Technical Summit on China VI Natural Gas Engines” gave an overview of “China VI” gas engine design, engine calibration, test bench demonstration and vehicle calibration.

Mr. Mike Walser, Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer of EControls, opened the summit on December 4 with a presentation on gas engine design. According to Mr Walser, to be truly competitive, gas engines have to have comparable performance to diesel engines, and at China VI levels the development should take a wholistic approach to engine design, control system optimization and vehicle integration.

EControls possesses the technical capability of enabling gas engines to achieve comparable power to a diesel engine of the same displacement and to outperform them in terms of low speed torque. 

Mr. Mike Walser, Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer of EControls

Core Technical Teams from Yuchai, SINOTRUK, FAW, Weichai and Chaochai Join the Technical Summit

EControls has led the spectacular growth of gas engines in China in the last decade. Heavy-duty natural gas vehicles have grown from a niche market into a significant portion of the commercial vehicle market. EControls has won the favor and trust of all key Chinese commercial vehicle engine manufacturers and developed strategic partnerships with many of them over the past decade.

Susan Zhang, Sales & Marketing Director of EControls, Asia
Dr. Xu Dayong, General Manager of EControls, Asia
Dr. Lin Tiejian, Assistant President and Research Institute Director of Yuchai
Dr. Dou Huili, Senior Director of FAW Jiefang Commercial Vehicle Development Institute
Dr. Guo Lei, Director of SINOTRUK Group Vehicle Research Institute

Teams from key commercial vehicle engine manufacturers attended the Summit, including the Yuchai team led by Dr. Lin Tiejian, Assistant President and Research Institute Director, the FAW team led by Dr. Dou Huili, Senior Director of FAW Jiefang Commercial Vehicle Development Institute, the SINOTRUK team led by Dr. Guo Lei, Director of SINOTRUK Group Vehicle Research Institute, the Chaochai team led by Dr. Liu Lidong, Head of Gas Department, and the Weichai technical team.

Opening Reception

To greet the partners, EControls held an opening reception in Hangzhou. At the reception, the leaders of engine manufacturers delivered speeches, reviewing the market and challenges in the next few years. They also emphasized the importance of quick response, leading technology and close cooperation with trusted suppliers, like EControls.

Experts Exchanging and Discussing Ideas
Experts Exchanging and Discussing Ideas
Group Photo

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