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ENOVATE Motors starts production of ME7 electric SUV at Shaoxing plant

SHAOXING, Zhejiang – Chinese smart EV startup ENOVATE Motors began production of the ME7 luxury smart electric SUV at its Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province production base on December 28, becoming the third company in the second-tier Chinese smart EV startup camp following Leading Ideal and AIWAYS to have begun production or launched cars in 2019.

Situated in the Binhai New District of Shaoxing about 75 km east of Hangzhou, the manufacturing facility built to German premium brand quality and processes standards covers an area of more than 333,000 square meters, floor space of 120,000 square meters complete with stamping, painting, welding and general assembly workshops, and annual output capacity of 60,000 vehicles.

“The production of the first ME7 today is a major milestone for ENOVATE Motors,” said Harold Zhang, chairman and CEO of ENOVATE Motors. “We have built a world-class manufacturing facility with advanced digitalization and systems capabilities. The market will know in a few months that products made here are not only strong in quality and performance, their intelligence level and user experience will also exceed existing products currently available on the market, without a doubt.”

“Building our own plant means that we have better control in production processes, and we have established a quality management and control system that covers the entire product lifecycle including product definition, design, supplier management, manufacturing processes management and market quality management to make sure that our product quality reach those of German premium brand standards,” said Dr. Liu Yan, board member and CPO of ENOVATE Motors.

ENOVATE Motors uses the so-called “Audit” quality evaluation method used by German premium manufacturers including Porsche and BMW, allocating 53 quality checks across the four manufacturing workshops.

Some of the equipment that are used for precision manufacturing include Germany’s Zeiss Carmet coordinate measuring machine with a precision of plus or minus 0.05 mm, five different stamping processes ensuring dimensional tolerance of plus or minus 0.2 mm, EISENMANN E-Shuttle 360-degree painting line rotating system and VarioLoc skid-free conveyer system. The manufacturing facility also uses some of the most environmentally friendly manufacturing methods that result in greener waste water.

The ME7 has been in pre-sale mode since April at a pre-subsidy price of ¥366,800. First customers receive benefits such as lifetime quality warranty, three-year free insurance, public charging, maintenance, repair and lifetime free roadside assistance, data, home charger.

ENOVATE Motors was founded in June 2015 by Zhang and a team of executives most of which had worked previously at SAIC-Volkswagen with more than two decades of industry experience. The company completed a ¥2 billion Series A financing round back in April. Deliveries of the ME7 are expected to take place in Q1 2020.

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