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Faraday Future unveils FF 91 “production car”

LAS VEGAS – The FF 91, Faraday Future’s first electric car production model, made its debut at CES 2017 on January 3.

The super-fast vehicle can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.39 seconds, faster than Tesla’s model S which takes about 2.5 seconds to do so.

Equipped with the world’s largest and highest-density 130 kWh battery, the FF 91 offers a rated range of 700 km.

The FF 91 is 5,250 mm long, 2,283 mm wide and 1,589 mm tall with a 3,200 mm wheelbase. Peak power reaches 1,050 hp. One hour of charging gives the car a range of 500 miles and 4.5 hours charging at 240 V can fill the battery to 50 percent.

The model is equipped with the most advanced autonomous driving technology and features 13 long- and short-range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 10 HD cameras and one 3D retractable LiDAR laser sensor.

YT (Yueting) Jia, founder and CEO of LeEco and personal investor of Faraday Future, spoke at the event after coming onto the staging riding in the FF 91. “Once you own an FF 91, you can get rid of your other cars in the garage. It reformats people’s perception of cars. It’s no longer just a car. It is a new species,” said Jia.

Retail price for the car was not revealed at the show. But it is open for reservations with a down payment of $5,000. Faraday Future said FF 91 reservations exceeded more than 64,000 units within 36 hours after the unveil. The first patch of cars will be delivered to buyers in 2018. But no detailed schedule on when production would actually begin was given.

Since its production plant in North Las Vegas has not been fully built, the first batch of FF 91 maybe produced at other plants to ensure timely delivery, according to Dag Reckhorn, Faraday Future’s vice president of manufacturing.

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