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FAW Jiefang and Shell jointly builds first service station in Changsha

CHANGSHA, Hunan – The first service station jointly built by FAW Jiefang and Shell opened in Changsha on November 11, which aims to create a new aftersales service image and bring excellent maintenance experience, professional and convenient oil change service and comfortable resting space for truck owners.

This service station was set up on the basis of original aftersales service and maintenance network with a joint brand image. Its store image, service rest area and repair station adopt the design of Shell brand elements, and there is also an independent Jiefang-Shell VIP quick oil change center, which can provide owners of FAW Jiefang more high-quality and comfortable vehicle maintenance experience.

Hu Xiaodong, vice president of FAW Jiefang Sales Co., Ltd., pointed out that FAW Jiefang always follows the core development concept of “Users First,” and continuously deepen relationship with customers and improve service quality. In 2002, FAW Jiefang was the first company to realize the brand management of touching service in the domestic commercial vehicle industry.

The opening of this service station shows that FAW Jiefang and Shell are influenced by the concept of reducing the total cost of ownership advocated by the era of big logistics and commercial vehicle industry in recent years, and they try to get more complementary advantages and more innovation.

“We will integrate the resources of FAW Jiefang and Shell in the aftersales service area through this project and play the competitiveness of joint branding to provide users more high-quality services and more tangible benefits,” said Zhang Lei, general manager of Shell China Lubricant Business Division.

With the standardization of e-commerce and the high-end development of logistics industry, better maintenance service is of vital importance to guarantee the working life of heavy-duty trucks. FAW Jiefang and Shell plan to jointly build 100 such service stations across the country over the next three years with service experience that combines leading heavy-duty truck technologies and advanced lubrication solutions.

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