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FAW Jiefang demonstrates first autonomous driving trucks

CHANGCHUN, Jilin – FAW Jiefang demonstrated its smart Jiefang J7 and Jiefang J6 trucks at FAW Technology Center’s Nong’an test base on April 13.

Using the autonomous driving function, the new Jiefang J7 smart truck performed tasks including passing through the traffic light, speeding up and making turns. In the demonstration, the smart truck also successfully recognized the obstacle vehicle in the front and made accurate adjustment on steering wheel and accelerator pedal to make lane change, speeding up and surpassing. The driverless Jiefang J6 dumper also did a good performance including making continuous turns and automatic loading and unloading.

On the sideline of the show, Hu Hanjie, secretary of the Party committee and president of FAW Jiefang, revealed the truck maker’s three-stage blueprint for the development of smart truck in the future: firstly, to finish the development of Jiefang L3 level autonomous product which is capable of regional environment perception, intelligent LPS positioning and navigation, and smart route planning in 2018; secondly, to finish the development of L4 level autonomous product capable of smart 5G positioning and navigation, intelligent 5G environment perception, 5G decision-making and planning, and the construction of autonomous driving pilot zone by 2020; and finally to complete the development of L5 level autonomous product capable of autonomous driving under all circumstances and the construction of Jiefang designed platform by 2025.

On the same day, FAW Jiefang also inked strategic cooperation agreements with Baidu, HiRain, Ericsson, China Mobile, Bosch, Continental, ZF and Optimum Nano on the development of smart commercial vehicles, key technological research and marketing.

It is expected that FAW Jiefang’s smart controlling technology will be ready for use by trucks by the end of this year.

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