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Foton-Daimler launches new powertrain and truck products for 2019

BEIJING – Foton-Daimler launched three new super powertrain series products and new Auman series China 6 trucks here on July 29. 

The three super powertrain series products include X13 engine from Cummins, OM457 engine from Daimler and AMT transmission from ZF.  

The X13 engine is a new-generation large power engine tailor developed by Foton-Daimler and Cummins for the China market. The engine has six upgrades including emissions, reliability, power, safety, fuel economy, and maintenance and repair. The 13L X13 engine can generate a maximum output of 580 horsepower and a peak torque of 2,600 Nm at 950-1,500 rm, the best among the same displacement engine products in the country. By taking DOC+DPF+SCR technology route, the X13 engine can satisfy China 6B emissions standards. 

Daimler’s OM457 engine has advantages such as cost economy, reliable, flexible in fuel choices, and easy for maintenance and repair. The engine is very popular in South American, North American and Indian markets as well as in other parts of the world, and its fuel consumption can be as low as 185g/kWh. 

As the first matured automatic transmission product in the Chinese market, ZF’s AMT transmission has a transmission efficiency of 99.7 percent. With best powertrain combination based on road spectrum data and big data, fuel consumption can be reduced by 4 percent. And by adopting intelligent electric horizon predictive cruise control technology, the fuel consumption can be further cut by 3.5 percent. 

The focus of China’s economic development has been switched from high speed to high quality, and the upgrade of quality and technology of heavy-duty trucks has ushered China’s heavy-duty truck industry into the 3.0 era. “Customer demand on vehicles with emphasis on high efficiency has been accelerating the development of high-end logistics vehicles in the country. When the heavy-duty truck market enters into the mature period, customers’ attention will be gradually switching to entire vehicle life cycle,” said Zhang Wei, executive vice president of Foton-Daimler. “Therefore, we cooperate with Daimler, Cummins, ZF and other strategic partners to introduce new super powertrain series products with an aim to enable vehicles to have stronger power and more stabled operation so as to increase vehicle’s operational efficiency and reduce cost of logistics industry.” 

Facing the implementation of China 6 emissions standards, Foton-Daimler has already made its Auman super heavy-duty truck series all China 6-compliant to meet customer demand. “Foton-Daimler started China 6 technology layout in 2015. Our products have been test operated for 10 million km on state highways, mountain roads, expressways and plateaus under high and low temperatures. We also put our products under reliable tests in North America and South America to achieve the best balance results in environment protection, power, economy and efficiency and make technologies more mature,” said Cheng Xiaowei, product line director of Foton-Daimler. 

In addition to the launch of powertrain products and China 6 Auman trucks, Foton-Daimler also introduced a “321 Quick Repair” service for truck users at the event. The “321” means: response in 1 minute, arrive in 2 hours and repair done in 3 hours. Such service will help truck users realize “no stop” and worry free when they are driving loaded trucks on roads.

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