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Foton-Daimler produces one millionth Auman heavy-duty truck

BEIJING – Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. (BFDA) celebrated the production of its one millionth Auman heavy-duty truck on July 10.

The millionth Auman heavy-duty truck is also the 10,000th Auman EST Super Truck produced by the company, indicating the Auman series has officially entered the “heavy-duty truck million-unit club” 15 years and five generations after the first Auman heavy-duty truck went into production in 2002 at Foton, 10 years before BFDA was formed.

The millionth Auman was driven down the assembly line by a loyal customer who has purchased all five generations of the Auman and a meritorious employee from Foton. BFDA also officially released the future-oriented “Super Truck Quality Project” aimed at continuing to lead the transformation of the heavy-duty truck industry through quality innovation to create the best commercial value for global heavy-duty truck users. Through R&D, procurement, manufacturing, quality, service and talent, BFDA plans to create a new quality benchmark in China’s commercial vehicle industry through the Project.

When the Auman series was conceived in in 2002, it chose “Starting with the World” as a high starting point and adopted a “centered on users” approach on product development rather than just treating it as a “money-earning tool.” Later, Auman integrated supply chain resources at home and abroad including key partners such as Weichai, Bosch and AVL to make a new generation of European pure blood heavy-duty truck (Auman ETX) in order to meet user demand for fuel consumption and reliability. When the joint venture BFDA was established in 2012, the launch of the Auman GTL – China’s first world-class heavy-duty truck with European standards – laid the foundation for the benchmark of China’s heavy-duty truck technological innovation.

The offline of the 10,000th Auman EST Super Truck created by the Super Truck Global Innovation Alliance represents the future development direction of a smart, connected, green and shared global commercial vehicle industry formed by three forces from China, the U.S. and Europe.

“Customers have chosen Auman heavy-duty trucks because of trust and commitment and they are the core force behind the development of the Auman nameplate,” said Zhang Wei, executive vice president of BFDA. “The one million units are centered on customers and are based on innovation. Auman will continue to lead the development of China’s heavy-duty truck market through technology innovation and elevate itself into a first-tier brand in the segment, therefore changing the competitive landscape using its strength.”

The Auman EST, as the fifth generation of the Auman series, has utilized technologies from global innovation alliance partners including Daimler, Cummins, ZF and Continental. The vehicle for example is powered by Cummins’ X12 diesel engine and ZF’s TraXon automatic transmission.

Auman now has a lifetime service standard utilizing more than 800 dealers, 3,400 service stations and 548 service points at expressway service areas, shortening service radius to less than 100 km.

Foton sold about 55,600 heavy-duty trucks in the first half of 2017, up 43 percent year-on-year and ranking fifth in the segment. 

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