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Haima receives order from the Philippines to deliver 10,000 vehicles over the next 3 years

MANILA, Philippines – FAW Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. (Haima) and Philippine partner LAUS Group signed an agreement here on July 21 in which Haima will export 10,000 cars to the Southeast Asian nation over the next three years.

Lu Guogang, president of Haima, said at the signing ceremony that Haima entered the Philippines automotive market in 2011, and has exported more than 4,000 vehicles since then and established a good reputation through joint efforts with LAUS Group. Haima has become a representative Chinese car brand in the Philippines. In 2016, the seven-seat Familiar MPV, known locally as the V70, was voted MPV of the year in 2016 by local mainstream media, an honor long been held by Japanese and South Korean brands.

As a comprehensive industrial group covering automotive, financial and media industries, LAUS Group has more than ¥2 billion in annual turnover and enjoys a good reputation in the Philippines. Haima currently has eight dealerships and five aftersales service centers in the country.

“Haima is popular in the Philippines, especially the seven-seat V70 which has great market potential. We are confident that we will achieve the sales targets of 10,000 Haima vehicles,” said Liberato “Levy” P. Laus, president of LAUS Group.

According to the relevant provisions of China and ASEAN Free Trade Area, starting from 2018 the tariff on automotive products exported from China to the Philippines will be greatly reduced, from the existing 35 percent to 5 percent (based on engine displacement). Haima and LAUS Group plans to seize this opportunity to achieve sales breakthroughs rapidly.

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