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Haval announces 521 strategy as global sales top 5 million units

BAODING, Hebei – Haval, Great Wall Motor’s dedicated SUV brand, announced its 521 strategy at the grand ceremony it held here on January 13 to celebrate its global sales topping 5 million units.

By the end of 2018, cumulative global sales of Haval SUVs had exceeded 5 million units, which made Haval the first Chinese SUV brand to enter into the 5 million sales club.

In the Chinese market, sales of Haval brand SUVs ranked No. 1 for nine consecutive years, and the Haval H6, which contributed a major part to total Haval SUV sales, was the sales champion in a total of 67 months. The F5 and F7 models, which were launched to the market recently, also achieved sales of surpassing 10,000 units each in December 2018, becoming the new power of the brand to push sales up to a higher level.

With newly added F series products, Haval SUVs now have various models in different sizes at different classes from large to small and high to low, covering all segments in the SUV market.

Wei Jianjun, chairman of Great Wall Motor, believes it is a definite trend for Chinese brands to go global and Haval must be built into a leading SUV brand with competitive strength in the world market. At the grand ceremony, he officially announced Haval’s 521 global strategy, which is, in five years to realize annual sales of 2 million units to become the No. 1 brand in the global SUV market.

Wei also revealed plans for Haval’s future development in technology and R&D, intelligent connectivity and new energy products.

So far Haval has established eight international R&D centers for technology innovations including smart driving, intelligent connectivity, new energies and model designs. The brand has also set up a new technology incubation laboratory in Silicon Valley for research and development of super technologies in cooperation with international tech giants. In the next five years, Haval’s global investment will exceed ¥30 billion, as the brand will continuously enhance its technology capability and R&D on cutting-edge knowledge.

In the development of intelligent connectivity, Haval will combine basic technology, customer thinking and individualized service to form a full-view intelligent service system and work with the platform of Internet of Everything to build a 5G global intelligent connectivity ecosystem to satisfy demands of customers in 24 linguistic areas in the world.

Haval has injected billions of RMB on R&D of new energy technologies with innovations in the field of fuel cell vehicles. In the future, the brand will make a comprehensive research on plug-in hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell and other new energy and power solutions to develop high-quality SUVs to meet diversified demands of global customers.

Haval plans to launch 20 global SUV models with advanced technologies and its new energy models will be over 60 percent of sales before 2023. The plan for the brand’s flagship H6 and F7 is to enter into the top 10 global SUV list. Haval’s hybrid electric vehicle will be mass produced in 2021 and its hydrogen-powered SUV will debut at the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022.

The future Haval SUVs will be designed using a global “i-Home Platform,” said Phil Simmons, Great Wall Motor global design director and vice president, at the grand ceremony. As introduced by Simmons, this platform can be used to develop different SUVs including traditional gas-powered models, fuel-cell models, plug-in hybrid models, hydrogen fuel models and other new energy-powered models. The i-Home Platform designed SUVs will have sporty look with AI technologies to satisfy the demands on more comfortable, more fashionable and more intelligent for SUVs from global customers.

At the grand ceremony, Wei, on behalf of Haval, launched an initiative to set up a global alliance by Chinese automakers with an aim to share and innovate new technologies through deepened cooperation on all fields including new energy, smart driving and intelligent connectivity, so as to facilitate the globalization of Chinese auto industry and change China from being a large vehicle importer to a major vehicle exporter.

Great Wall Motor sold 1.05 million vehicles in 2018 including 766,100 Haval SUVs, according to a company sales report released on January 8.

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