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Higer signs sales deal of 100 ultra capacitor buses at Busworld Europe Kortrijk 2017

KORTRIJK, Belgium – Higer Bus Co., Ltd. received an order of 100 ultra capacitor buses from an Israeli company Pandan at the Busworld Europe Kortrijk 2017. Executives of both companies were presented at the bus order signing ceremony.

At this year’s Busworld Europe in Kortrijk, Higer displayed three bus models including the E12, H9 and H12.

The ultra capacitor bus E12 is one of Higer’s star products. As introduced by the company, the ultra capacitor bus is equipped with Siemens motor and the Aowei ultra capacitor which can provide charging solutions. Compared with battery electric buses, the ultra capacitor bus can be charged in shorter time and is safer with no risk of spontaneous combustion. Moreover, the whole vehicle weight is lighter and its life circle is longer, twice of that of the battery electric buses.

The H9 is a multi-purpose medium coach. It adopts the European mainstream powertrain chassis assembly and has smart headlights and luxury seats. The fully integrated body structure not only improves the passive safety of the whole vehicle, but also lightens its weight, cutting its fuel consumption effectively. A G-BOS intelligent operation monitoring system developed independently by Higer is installed in the H9 to supervise the operation status of the bus. Active safety features include AEBS, EBS and ESC.

The H12 is a new coach developed for the European market. The new coach has a stylish shape, built-in luggage rack and luxury instrumental panel. The lightweight design enables the coach to reduce the operating costs. The G-BOS intelligent operation monitoring system, AEBS, EBS and ESC are also equipped in the coach.

Since 2004, Higer has accumulatively exported 35,000 buses to more than 100 markets and its overseas service stations have increased to 95.

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