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Hualing Xingma exports Hanma natural gas heavy-duty trucks to Peru

SHANGHAI – A batch of 51 Hanma natural gas heavy-duty trucks made by Hualing Xingma left the Shanghai Port on June 26 bound for Peru.

In a few weeks, these 45 H9 tractors and 6 mixing trucks will be delivered to Peruvian dealers.

With the exception of Western Europe and North America, Hualing Xingma has developed business ties with Russia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Vietnam and countries in the Central Asia region. The South American market is an important strategic overseas market for Hualing Xingma. Worth emphasizing is that these orders all used Hanma natural gas engines independently developed by the company and represents the first batch to be exported in large quantity.

Hualing Xingma natural gas heavy-duty trucks come standard with Hanma natural gas engines which have two exclusive energy-saving technologies. One is the intelligent throttle management system, which can make the vehicle save more than 10 percent in natural gas on average. The other is that the cylinder brake technology makes the trucks run safer and more energy efficient.

This export not only reflects that China’s high-end heavy-duty trucks are increasingly entering the overseas markets, but also marks that the technical strength of Hanma power has already won more overseas users’ recognition which helps speed up its export.

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