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Jia Yaquan becomes Chery vice president to take charge of domestic sales

WUHU, Anhui – Jia Yaquan has become vice president of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and president of Chery Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. since September, according to a report by qichetoutiao app citing insiders of Chery.

The appointment of Jia Yaquan is an important personnel layout after Chery has strategically transformed into the 2.0 era.

Jia is familiar with automotive distribution system and has many years of experiences in the field of vehicle sales. He joined Great Wall Motor in 1996 and held many executive positions including vice president of Great Wall Motor Sales Co., Ltd., general manager of Domestic Division and vice president of Great Wall Motor. Jia moved to Beiqi-Foton in 2012 and served as general manager of its domestic sales department. Three years later in 2015 Jia became vice president of Borgward China, with a low-key work style and a wealth of market experience. 

Chery has undergone years of strategic transformation and is about to enter the 3.0 era to have direct competition with joint venture brands and launch a new series of 3.0 products.

In new product promotion and new business development areas, Chery needs some senior executives like Jia Yaquan who have rich professional experience and understand self-owned brands very well. “We believe that with Jia joining us, Chery’s sales will be markedly enhanced and its products and brand image will be significantly improved,” said He Xiaoqing, vice president of Chery.

Chen Anning, president of Chery, said Chery has begun to build a “Big Marketing” system including international marketing, domestic marketing, digital marketing, cross-brand marketing and so on. Chen believes Jia’s joining Chery will help elevate the company’s domestic marketing system and its marketing and sales capabilities.

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