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JMC Weilong awarded Chinese Truck of the Year 2018

WUHAN – JMC Weilong, a new flagship heavy-duty truck model from JMC Heavy-Duty Vehicle Co., Ltd. (JMCH), was awarded the Chinese Truck of the Year (CToY) 2018 on November 4 after a series of tests conducted earlier in the year and a jury vote.

The award comes a day after the high-end heavy-duty truck was launched to market at retail prices of ¥316,000-¥366,000, available in 6×4 and 4×2 tractor variants.

Following the successful first CToY 2017, the CToY 2018 kicked off in September. Thanks to its professional assessment procedures and its international influence, the award attracted leading heavy-duty truck manufacturers in China to join the assessment. Besides the JMC Weilong, the Auman EST-A from Foton-Daimler and the T7 bonnet truck from Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd. also competed.

As the first strategic heavy-duty truck model manufactured jointly by JMC and Ford, JMC Weilong is a result of integrating Ford’s global R&D resources and JMC’s expertise. Engineering teams from JMC, Ford Europe, Ford North America, and JMCH joined together in enhancing engine, cab and chassis performance for the model. Thanks to these technological enhancements, JMC Weilong impressed the jury members with its power, acceleration, driving comfort and stable vehicle drivability.

“As a product created on a new platform with new concepts, JMC Weilong redefines the styles of China’s next-generation heavy-duty trucks by making breakthroughs in pioneering designs; adopts innovative, unique interior designs while providing driving comfort for middle to long-haul journeys; introduces diesel engines developed and manufactured with Ford technologies, uses the newest materials and processes, achieves lower noises, higher performance, and outstanding low-speed high torque, exhibits great starting and acceleration performance; takes advantage of multiple advanced technologies and configurations, achieving great cost efficiency by cost optimization and reasonable matching; and provides a level of total cost of ownership (TCO) that meets the needs of the Chinese market with the model’s extra-long service cycles and warranty periods,” said Yu Jing, CToY chairwoman and president of Commercial Vehicle magazine.

“As a new player in the industry, JMC Heavy Trucks is privileged to be the winner of the CToY 2018, an award that is objective, fair, and strict in its assessments,” said Wu Xiaojun, president of JMCH, upon accepting the CToY 2018 award. “JMC Heavy Trucks proposes the idea of ‘Heavy Truck Heroes’ because we not only understand what trucks the modern logistics industry needs, but also have deep insights into the needs of the drivers. They shoulder both social and family responsibilities. They are the real heroes. So today’s award is actually presented to them. We look forward to working with the heroes in jointly shouldering the responsibilities and building a common future.”

As a special guest, Gianenrico Griffini, chairman of the International Truck of the Year (IToY) jury, said, “The IToY jury focuses on China for multiple reasons. First, China is the world’s largest commercial vehicle market. Second, it is also one of the largest economies in the world and will soon become the largest. And finally China is in a transition of energy sources for vehicles. The IToY jury, therefore, wants to be kept updated about what is happening in the Chinese market.”

The CToY 2018 jury, consisting of IToY jury members, representatives from the Chinese commercial vehicle media, and customer representatives, conducted road test drives and static tests according to a multi-dimensional assessment system. The assessment, following IToY rules and Europe’s 1,000 Point Test methods and considering the Chinese market needs, covers cab aerodynamics and interior designs, driving comfort, vehicle drivability, total ownership costs, safety, and driveline performance, which are divided into 26 items. The test data include acceleration time, driving noises, and braking distance. After test drives and assessments, the jury members scored and voted on the participating truck models with all the tests having been completed. JMC Weilong eventually emerged as the winner and the Auman EST-A and the T7 won innovation awards thanks to their great performance in the tests and innovative designs used in the models.

The CToY award was created by the Commercial Vehicle magazine in 2015 by learning from the successful experience of the IToY award. CToY is an innovative award that considers the commercial media and road and transportation circumstances in China. It honors Chinese trucks introduced in the past 12-month period that make the biggest contribution to road transportation efficiency, including technological innovation, comfort, safety, drivability, fuel economy, clean and environmental protection and TCO.

The JMC Weilong debuted at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show in April and is equipped with Ford’s 13L Ecotorq engine that offers a maximum torque of 2,150 Nm at 1,100 rpm but is 10 percent more fuel efficient than comparable engines.

JMCH was officially established on January 8, 2013 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of JMC based on the former Taiyuan Chang’an Heavy-Duty Vehicle Co., Ltd. It is JMC’s first whole vehicle production base outside of Jiangxi Province and is a strategic move by both JMC and Ford into the heavy-duty truck industry. JMCH has annual output capacity of 80,000 vehicles and engines with a total investment of ¥6.7 billion.

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