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LeEco to invest £¤2 billion in EV rental platform LeShare

BEIJING – LeEco’s EV rental by the hour platform LeShare formally launched its 2.0 version at a brand launching ceremony on May 20. It would also join hands with 11 partners to establish a NEV green commuting league and LeEco plans to invest ¥2 billion ($315 million) by 2019 to back the car rental platform’s growth.   

The 2.0 version app improves on customer experience. As shown by presenters at the event, a customer can log in by either app or his WeChat account. Response time is shortened: registration takes 30 seconds, material examination 5 minutes and order 15 seconds. A user can unlock a car door either by phone verification or password lock. No deposit, 24 hour non-stop online and offline service, free charging and flexible vehicle rental and return all become available for LeShare. 

LeShare has already put 200 vehicles into operation in major downtown areas in Beijing so far, which covers mainstream EV models on the market and can meet different demands. By the end of this year, 3,000 EVs are expected to be deployed in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Sanya and Yantai. 

The company plans to have 200,000 EVs running in 100 key cities within the next 2 years and more than 1 million by 2020.

As LeEco’s important part of its ecosystem and first try on EV rental by the hour platform, LeShare has a big picture in its mind. Its Chinese name “lingpailexiang” means zero-emission, no burden, green life, co-sharing and mutually beneficial internet life style, which fits well into LeEco’s ideal of building its ecosystem with all of its products and services.  

LeShare chose to fulfill its dream by cooperating with OEMs, energy enterprises, parking companies to offer an integrated service on vehicles, charging and parking.

It has established partnerships with BYD, Geely and JAC for vehicle sources. By investing in charging service provider Dianzhuang and Zhida and ties with Potevio New Energy and EV Power, it guarantees sound charging services. It has also cooperated with the largest parking service platform “tingjiandan” (easy parking) to gain access into some 200 parking lots in Beijing.

Exactly one year after its birth, LeShare is determined to build its co-shared ecosystem on EV commuting and to make full sharing of all social vehicles happen in the near future.   

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