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Major industry executive changes in 2016

Brand Origin Name New Position Previous Position
U.S. Sheng Wenjiang Transferred back to the U.S. VP of GM China Sales, Service & Marketing; VP of SAIC-GM                  
Marc Comeau VP of GM China Sales, Service and Marketing; VP of SAIC-GM                   VP of GM South Korea Sales, Service and Marketing
Claire Li PR & Communications, General Electric China VP of Ford Motor China Communications and Public Affairs
Qi Xiaofei Senior VP of GAC-Fiat Chrysler Sales VP of GAC-Fiat Chrysler Sales Network Development Division
Xue Haitao President of SGMW sales Market and Network Director
John Lawler VP & Financial Controller of Ford VP of Ford, President & CEO of Ford Motor China
Dave Schoch VP of Ford; President of Ford Asia Pacific; Chairman & CEO of Ford Motor China VP of Ford; President of Ford Asia Pacific
Marin Burela Special advisor of Ford Asia Pacific; Retired in October 2016 President of Chang’an-Ford
Nigel Harris VP of Ford; President of Chang’an-Ford President of Ford India
Alvin Liu Vice Chairman of Ford Motor Greater China VP & Legal Advisor of Ford Asia Pacific & Africa; VP & Legal Advisor of Ford Motor China
Cao Zhenyu Executive VP of Chang’an-Ford sales Director of Chang’an customer management department; Director of customer relations management
Andreas Schaaf VP of Cadillac China VP of Cadillac Europe
Europe Rainer Seidl First Finance VP of FAW-Volksvagen CFO of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.
Zheng Youtian President of Volksvagen Singapore Executive Manager of Bentley China
Kim Airey   Operation President of Bentley China
Olivier Mornet President of Chang’an-PSA  CEO of PSA Italy
Gilles BOUSSAC Transferred back to PSA H.Q. President of Chang’an-PSA 
Xu Jun Transferred back to China South Industries Group Corp. VP of Chang’an-PSA marketing & external relations
Zhou Jiang Sales manager of Chang’an-PSA Sales Sales Director of Chang’an-PSA
Mao Jingbo Executive VP of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales in charge of smart and AMG operations  President of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales north region
Ivan Koh Transferred to BMW Asia Pacific President of BMW China Trading
Michael Liu  President of BMW China Trading VP of BMW Brilliance sales
Wang Hong BMW China Training VP of BMW China sales
Bao Yiming VP of BMW China sales VP of BMW China North Region
Shao Bin VP of BMW China north region Dealer Director of BMW China
Li Xuemin VP of BMW China southeast region Dealer Director of BMW China
Axel Schroeder President of imported Volksvagen vehicles Marketing Director of Volksvagen Brazil
Till Scheer President & CEO of Volkswagen Japan President of Volksvagen China Import
Dr. Guido Krupinski President & CEO of Fujian-Benz  Manager of Daimler Mexico Aguascalientes
Rao Jie President of Dongfeng-Citroën Division Service Director of Dongfeng-Citroën
Yang Ning Deputy Director of Dongfeng-Citroën marketing Director of Dongfeng-Citroën small vehicle platform
Zhang Honghan Director of Dongfeng-Citroën Division and PR department Director of Dongfeng-Citroën PR department
En Gehong Senior VP of BMW-Brilliance technology & production Director of BMW-Brilliance Shenyang Tiexi Plant
Yuan Xiaolin President of Volvo Asia Pacific; Chairman of Volvo China sales President of Volvo Asia Pacific
Li Jin Executive VP of GAC-Fiat  VP of GAC-Fiat Chrysler 
He Kuo President of Beijing Mercedes-Benz sales south region Director of Dongfeng-Infiniti sales
Chen Lizhe President of Volvo China sales President of Volvo China Taiwan
Feng Xingya President of GAC Group Executive Vice President of GAC Group; President of GAC-Fiat
An Mukai Executive Director of SAIC-Volksvagen Škoda marketing Senior marketing & sales with Volksvagen & Škoda
Yi Han VP of Volvo China sales VP of Geely sales
Su Weibin President of Dongfeng-Peugeot-Citroën Director of Dongfeng Motor International Department; President of Dongfeng import & export
Liu Yan COO of GIGO Advertising COO of Volvo China sales
Xiao Da VP of Porsche China sales President of Shanghai Pudong Porsche center
Yang Mutian Executive VP of FAW-Volksvagen sales Director of Volksvagen global big users
Jing Qingchun Executive VP of FAW Volksvagen Audi sales President of FAW Jiefang sales
Johann Wieland President & CEO of BMW-Brilliance Senior VP of BMW finance, motor control chain & indirect purchasing
Chen Xi VP of Dongfeng-Renault President of Dongfeng-Citroën
Franois Provost Chairman of Renault Asia Pacific; Senior VP of Renault China; President of Dongfeng-Renault CEO of Renault Samsung Motors
Xiang Dongping Executive VP of Volvo China sales VP of SAIC affiliated import & export company
Weng Yunzhong Executive VP of Dongfeng-Renault President of Dongfeng Motors Parts Group
Pan Qing Global Board of Director of Jaguar Land Rover; President of Jaguar Land Rover China; Board of Director of Chery Jaguar Land Rover Senior posts with Volksvagen, Man & Audi
Arno van der Merwe President & CEO of Beijing-Benz CEO & Executive ProductionDirector of Mercedes-Benz South Africa
Japan Du Zhijian VP of GAC Mitsubishi, concurrently as President of Mitsubishi China  VP of GAC-Mitsubishi
Gaby-Luise Wuest COO of Infinit,in charging of Dongfeng-Infiniti and Infiniti China COO of Infiniti
Lu Yi President of Dongfeng-Infiniti and Infiniti China President of Chery Jaguar Landrover IMSS
Dr. Daniel Kirchert COO of Future Mobility Corp. President of Dongfeng-Infinit and Infinit China
Zhang Yuesai Board of Directors and Executive VP of GAC-Mitsubishi Party Secretary, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection and Union President of GAC-Mitsubishi
Qiu Tiangao President of Jiangling Motors President of Jiangxi Isuzu
Mizuno Yasuhide Director of Honda China; President of Honda Motor China Investment Co., Ltd. Executive Director of Honda; President of GAC-Honda
Teng Bendun President of Dongfeng-Honda Four-wheel Director of Honda Motor China Investment Co., Ltd.
Wang Shunsheng Deputy Director of GAC-Honda sales Assistant to the president of GAC PV Co., Ltd.
Airton Cousseau VP of Dongfeng Motor ; President of Dongfeng-Nissan PV  Director of Mexico Nissan
Kuang Jinwen Deputy General Manager of Chang’an-Suzuki  VP of Chang’an-Suzuki marketing
Yang Long Executive VP of Mitsubishi China  Director of Executive Office of GAC-Mitsubishi 
Zheng Heng Executive VP of GAC-Honda; VP of GAC-Honda sales VP of GAC-Honda
Yuan Xiaohua VP of GAC-Honda; Director of GAC-Honda sales VP of GAC Trumpchi 
Wen Fei Director of Dongfeng-Infiniti Marketing & Communication Senior Marketing Director of Volvo China Sales
China Phil Murtaugh   CEO of Qoros 
Zhu Naijun Acting Director of Qoros sales VP of Qoros
Zhu Guohua VP of Chery Assistant to Chery’s President
Zhang Guozhong VP of Chery Assistant to Chery’s President
Ray Bierzynski VP of Chery Director of Chery Shanghai R&D center
Zhang Hailiang President & CEO of LeSEE Supercar China VP of SAIC; President of SAIC-Volksvagen
Li Yixiu VP of BAIC Motor sales Director of Beijing-Hyundai sales 
Guo Zhenfu VP of Haima Executive VP of Dongfeng-Honda Motor 
Wang Qiujing Dean of GAC Research Institute Executive VP of GAC-Fiat Chrysler 
Fu Qiang CEO of AICEV President & CEO of Volvo China sales
Dr. Carsten Breitfeld CEO of Future Mobility Corp. Project Manager of BMW i8
Yuan Zhongrong   President of GAC PV; President of Urtrust Insurance
Wu Song VP of GAC Group; Chairman of GAC Motor Executive Director of GAC Group; Board of Director & President of GAC PV
Yu Jun President of GAC Motor Executive VP of GAC-Honda
Zhan Songguang VP of GAC PV Vice Minister of GAC-Honda
Xiao Yong VP of GAC PV President of GAC Trumpchi sales
Li Wei VP of Dongfeng PV Director of Dongfeng PV sales
Ding Shaobin President of Dongfeng Motor Party Secretary & VP of Dongfeng Motor
Li Weisheng President of FAW Haima sales Haima Group strategic planing department
Song Jun VP of Geely sales Assistant to president of Geely sales; Director of A-class marketing platform
Xu Xianping President of China General Technology Group President of FAW Group
Cheng Daoran Chairman of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor President of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor
Leon Liu CEO of Qoros President of Truck, Bus and Car Division, WABCO
Zheng Zhaorui President of Hawtai New Energy Vehicle Co. President of Cowin Auto
South Korea Fan Jingtao Sales Director of Beijing-Hyundai  VP of BAIC Motor sales
Dong Anyin Transferred back to Dongfeng-Yueda-Kia Deputy Marketing Director of Dongfeng-Peugeot
      Source: Internet Info Agency
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