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NEVS launches city mobility pilot program in Tianjin with new 9-3 EVs

TIANJIN – National Electric Vehicles Sweden (NEVS), the 9th of 15 EV manufacturers that have received production licenses, launched a city mobility pilot program in Tianjin on May 31 with support from the Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area (THT).

The program offers car-sharing and ride hailing solutions in Tianjin, which has 15 million inhabitants. The users will get access to all NEVS 9-3 EV series. With this green technology collaboration, the ambition is to pave the way for a new type of mobility solutions for modern and sustainable cities.

THT, where NEVS joint venture factory and R&D are located, is one of the first Chinese national Hi-tech industrial parks.

“We are excited by this great opportunity to develop smart, sustainable mobility solutions together with a progressive city as Tianjin, and develop them in full scale with real people in real life situations, with the vision to create a future integrated urban mobility solution,” said Mattias Bergman, president of NEVS.

To extend the EV product portfolio for future mobility programs and fulfill the increasing demand for SUVs from the Chinese market, NEVS is also planning to launch a new model – the NEVS 9-3X SUV.

The company displayed a concept of the new 9-3 series and more of its future vision at CES Asia in Shanghai held on June 7-9.

The new NEVS 9-3 series are based on more than 70 years of Saab Automobile engineering experience, mirrored by the outstanding driving and riding experience through low center of gravity with smart suspension geometry and tuning. The model has already passed through rigorous comfort, ride and handling testing and will be launched to the market during 2018. It offers a range of 300 km and a world-class filter of cabin air, “Always Clean Air Cabin” (ACAC), with a filter efficiency up to 99 percent. It takes less than a minute to reduce the hazardous particle levels for PM 2.5 from 500 to 50 µg/m3.

So far more than 150,000 9-3s have been ordered from different Chinese companies, according to NEVS. It will be manufactured at a production plant in Tianjin as well as a plant in Fujian.

NEVS was founded in 2012 and acquired the main assets of the Saab Automobile bankruptcy estates. The company is owned by NME Holdings Ltd., THT and State Research Information Technology Co., Ltd. (SRIT). NEVS’ head office and main research and development facilities are located in Trollhättan, Sweden, where it also operates a production plant.

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