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New energy bus sales roundup: June volume more than January-May volume combined

China sold 19,317 buses of over 5 meters in June, a slight drop of 1.48 percent from a year earlier, bringing first half 2017 sales to 70,980 units, a drop of 27.06 percent year-on-year, according to the latest data from

June marked the first time that monthly sales approached 20,000 units, with negative growth easing to 1.48 percent from 27.34 percent in May, indicating an obvious recovery, mainly driven up by growing demand of new energy buses.

Sales of new energy buses of over 5 meters (including battery electric and plug-in hybrid) in the first half of 2017 totaled 17,952 units, down 47.14 percent. Zhongtong, Yutong and BYD were the top three selling makes with sales of 3,052, 2,964 and 2,518 units respectively, while CRRC Times, Yinlong, Sunlong and Nanjing King Long each had sales of over 1,000 units.


Monthly sales of new energy buses in June far exceeded combined sales of the first five months. With more than 10,000 units, that volume is nearly 3,000 units more than the combined sales from January to May, an addition of 51 percent. In terms of make, 12 of the 21 manufacturers posted more sales in June than those combined from the first five months, with 6 of the top 10 following that trend.

As for the top 10, Zhongtong jumped the highest from May to June, with sales of less than 1,000 units in the first five months to over 3,000 units in June. Yutong posted the second largest addition of 1,864 units in June, followed by BYD with 2,518 units in H1 2017.

Yinlong ranked 4th with over 1,000 units in June compared with less than 100 in the first five months. Shanghai Sunlong sold 1,025 units in June after none in the first five months. From both monthly and H1 2017 sales, Zhongtong, Yutong and BYD all ranked in the top three and they were also the top three winners in the new energy bus market in 2016. CRRC Times, Yinlong and Shanghai Sunlong are rising stars in this segment.

New energy public transport buses account for 70 percent

The new energy public transport buses were the dominant force in the new energy bus market, unlike seat buses which drove the overall bus market.

Among the 17,953 new energy buses sold in H1 2017, more than 70 percent or 12,959 units were public transport buses. However, seat and sleeper buses also had a combined 28 percent market share. It is worth noting that all of the 1,025 new energy buses sold by Shanghai Sunlong were all seat buses. Moreover, nearly half of the 3,052 new energy buses sold by Zhongtong were sleeper buses or other buses types.

As is known to all, the most popular type of new energy bus is the large bus of over 10 meters long under the impact of the new 2017 national subsidy on new energy buses. In this segment, sales totaled 11,204 units, taking up 62 percent of the new energy bus market of over 5 meters. BYD ranked No. 1 with 2,131 units, followed by CRRC Times with 1,551 units and Yutong with 1,467 units. Yinlong and Shanghai Sunlong ranked No. 4 and 5 with sales of 1,432 and 1,025 units, respectively.

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